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    Need a Tig welder near Austin that knows what he is doing

    The welder does need a FFL if the owner remains with the receiver as long as repair takes . You can't leave it with the welder overnight
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    What important life lessons to know when starting your first machining job.

    If you do get pranked, be a good sport don't take it personal; you need thick skin in this racket laugh along
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    Is this facing finish normal?

    people strive to GET that finish !!! nice work
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    My "new" machining calculator

    When i was in school we had to take a course in slide rule !! That gadget was pretty cool ! Could solve all kinds of problems
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    Mazak Integrex E650 Competitors / Alternatives

    That WFL is a beast i can only imagine the cost of ths monster ! I bet the tooling cost half again the cost of machine wow !!
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    Buying a shop?

    Does your deal include real estate? if not what are lease terms, triple net ? taxes insurance maintenance /
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    Manuals for Integrex 30Y

    When i got my integrex I scoured the internet. I finally had to bite the bullet and get the manuals from Mazak 1100 bucs and done well worth it though
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    50 BMG and a lathe spindle

    Some 50 BMG barrels are stellite lined.
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    Folks I need a saw- Cold or Miterband?

    I had one of those Ellis Saws .In my shop that thing was bulletproof it cut whatever i put in even if it did not fit in vise double angle miter is great with heavy stuff so you don't have to flip. and air cooled no mess . if i ever need another saw thats what i would buy just my two cents
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    Mazak Integrex 640MT sub spindle program

    Viktor thank you that is exactly what i Need thank you Sir i owe ya beer
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    Mazak Integrex 640MT sub spindle program

    thanks Phil i appreciate that i am just trying to get my postprocessor squared away thats probably why it stressed so much in manual Thank You Sir
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    Mazak Integrex 640MT sub spindle program

    Does any body have a sample program in EIA/ISO something that transfers a part from main to sub i cannot find it in my manuals plenty for mazatrol but not EIA Thanks
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    Can anyone ID this gun sight?

    It is Defiantly a older model M2Water Cooled rear sight maybe WW1 theHB variant were /are stamped bases. worth a few bucks!!
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    Ironworker for hobby shop

    the punch broke and hit me with hydraulic machine you can "feel" that something is not right. it was my fault the material i was punching was a piece a AR500 and i did not know that when i was punching it I paid for that act of stupidity, but at least i am still here to talk about it
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    Ironworker for hobby shop

    agreed but once you step on the pedal there is no turning back with hydraulic you can stop !!!
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    Ironworker for hobby shop

    i got killed literally by a buffalo number1. I hit the pedal and a 9/16 bullety shot me in the stomach !!!!!
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    Looking for Mazatrol T32-3 Manuals or any that are applicable

    do you still need those manuals i have the actual manuals if you still need them
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    Anyone ever watch these "machinists"?

    The Best ones are the forging videos where PPE consist of a wet rug in front of the furnace . Also the casting of any kind of metal, sandals in the foundry WOW. also you see a decent looking lathe and all of a sudden the are welding on it, I love the ground connections whatever is laying on...
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    anti-seize but not anti-seize for salt road vehicles?

    anti seize works great but as soon as you open the jar like magic