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  1. scsmith42

    New shop and now need to figure out how to power my 3 phase machines.

    I always thought that a VFD was a better solution for a single 3 phase machine, and an RPC was the better solution for several 3 phase machines. The output From the RPC feeds a 3 phase load center that all of the equipment is wired to.
  2. scsmith42

    Need a Tig welder near Austin that knows what he is doing

    Is McBride's Guns store still open in Austin? They would certainly know of a qualified gunsmith.
  3. scsmith42

    240 Single Phase to 440 3 Phase

    I've been doing what you proposed for over 13 years in my shop. 240 single phase goes through a 30hp Phase-a-matic RPC to create 240 3 phase, The output from the RPC feeds a Square D 3 phase load center. I have a 15hp edger that is hard wired for 480. It is fed from the 3 phase panel through...
  4. scsmith42

    Need a Tig welder near Austin that knows what he is doing

    There used to be an awesome welding shop in downtown Austin that did TIG welding. The owner taught me to TIG weld back in the early 1980's. They were right off of I35. That was 40 years ago though. Today I'd refer you to BC TIG welding and Fabrication in Round Rock. One question - why...
  5. scsmith42

    Best engineering screw ups

    Over 30 years ago I had the opportunity to have supper with Dr. Ronald Stearman, professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Texas. His father and uncle were the founders of Stearman Aircraft Co that was purchased by Boeing in the 1940's. During our meal I ask Dr. Stearman how...
  6. scsmith42

    odies oil shelf life

    Bloxygen works great for preserving open can's of finish. It's basically argon in a spray can.
  7. scsmith42

    Does the manufacturer matter when buying a Power Feeder

    From what I've seen, most power feeders sold today by Grizzly, Powermatic, Delta, etc are made by Comatic. I've had good results with my 1hp Grizzly's. Plus it's easy to get parts for them if needed.
  8. scsmith42

    OT Please tell your friends who use to read here to come back

    Yeah, but some of them are still voting in elections..... (grin)
  9. scsmith42

    Compressor pullies - size/speed

    For an air compressor, usually yes because the head will start developing pressure before the motor is up to full speed. Years ago electric motors for compressor use tended to be longer than non compressor motors - supposedly to provide more starting torque.
  10. scsmith42

    Compressor pullies - size/speed

    Pulley diameter x 3.14 gives you belt movement In inches per revolution. X motor speed give you belt inches travel per minute. So, your 4” pulley moves 12-1/2” of belt per revolution. X 3450 means that your belt was moving at 43,332 inches per minute / or 3,611 feet per minute. To utilize...
  11. scsmith42

    OT has anyone here had tooth implants?

    I've had several implants done in my mid to late 50's and would do them again. I have an outstanding dentist though that I trust completely to do proper work.
  12. scsmith42

    Moving a 3000pound hammer

    Probably your best option would be if the seller would bolt it to a heavy wood pallet, and then you ship it via LTL. That way it will be inside an enclosed van, and you'll have lots of options as to shippers. Due to it's low weight and small size you should be fine with LTL. R&L Carriers does...
  13. scsmith42

    Moving a 3000pound hammer

    At only 3000 lbs it would not take much of a pickup or SUV to haul it. The unanswered question are it's dimensions. It may be too tall to fit on a commercial flatbed trailer. This trailer from United Rentals works well for moving most equipment...
  14. scsmith42

    Misleading auction information, what are my options?

    I would suggest sending them a certified letter, return receipt, pointing out there mistake and their lack of support in correcting it via e-mail or phone call. Do this before you spend the $ on an attorney. Usually a certified letter is received by someone high enough in the management chain...
  15. scsmith42

    Visibility of the puddle Tig Al vs Tig SS

    I’ll also jump on the Optrel bandwagon. My Crystal 2.0 is remarkedly better than all other hoods that I’ve tried. For the OP, I’d suggest three things. First - a better hood. Definately check out the Optrel offerings. 2 - add a cloth light shield to the back side of your hood. I took some...
  16. scsmith42

    Ride on vs stand up forklift

    I have a Crown Reacher-picker stand on forklift in my shop. It’s a handy tool and provides an excellent option for a space too small for a ride on forklift. It’s good for around 4,000 lbs. It’s not a finesse tool; ie it would be difficult to use to position something within 1/4” or so...
  17. scsmith42

    Welders- do you ever take on work where you know the design is inadequate?

    Ditto the others advice to pass on the job. Even if you have a great paper trail, if there is a failure in the future you are liable to be drug into a lawsuit. Even if you win - you’ll still lose due to the cost and emotional toll from having to deal with it. If you don’t absolutely need the...
  18. scsmith42

    480V 50A 3P needed. 240V 200A 1P available.

    My wife is a vet with two mobile hospitals. They each have 12KW EPS diesel generators that we’ve been real pleased with. I can see where a new NG generator rated for continuous power would be expensive. The key thing is to find a good, used takeout from a commercial operation that outgrew it.
  19. scsmith42

    Is safe to buy a used air compressor?

    My Trinco blast cabinet requires at least 20cfm continuous air. My older 25cfm (7.5HP) compressor would run it and ”occasionally” cycle. The current 10hp 35cfm cycles more frequently when I’m blasting. As others have stated, screw type compressors are ideal if you do a lot of blast work.
  20. scsmith42

    480V 50A 3P needed. 240V 200A 1P available.

    In addition to the GovPlanet gensets, your local utility company may have good used take outs from their facilities. I have a 400hp 480V gen set that I bought used for $3,600 about 12 years ago. I had to put around 3K into it, but it only had 307 hours on it so the investment has paid off...