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  1. J

    10EE Tailstock Quill

    Has anyone come up with a sure way to use the MT2 tapers in the tailstock without a tang? I've purchased a couple of new ones and none of them are ejected by retracting the tailstock spindle. I also purchased a used dead center with a tang and it seems to eject ok. Do I need to modify the...
  2. J

    Oversize EE Steady Rest

    Anyone else want to share pictures of their completed steady rest?
  3. J

    Need 10ee forward/reverse switch

    Sounds interesting, can you describe your setup in more detail?
  4. J

    Tail stock lock lever question

    Thanks all, got it installed today.
  5. J

    Tail stock lock lever question

    Old thread but same question. My 10EE Square dial had a cobbled handle, so I'm replacing it with a new forging from Martin Models. I have to locate and drill the handle and shaft for the taper pin. Grant provided a great description of the function/ how the handle works, but there seems to be...
  6. J

    ISO Monarch 10EE Spindle Pulley Tensioner, Left Side

    Looks like one popped up on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234976785360?hash=item36b5b533d0:g:o5wAAOSwRLZkPauN
  7. J

    3 Phase DC Drive for 10EE (Polyspede SPEDESTER Series)

    I never pulled the trigger on this drive. Once I checked out my original motor it required a rebuild, so the cost between the drive and the motor became too expensive.
  8. J

    Model 60 Tailstock traverse handle

    Doesn't solve your problem, but here's a little video of the tailstock pusher.
  9. J

    10ee speed control potentiometer mounting on Sidney dc drive lathe

    Here's another example of mounting a potentiometer for a converted drive. I lucked out and just had to change out the pot for a 10K one.
  10. J

    10 EE Gearbox and New Motor Adapter Plate

    Here's a dark picture of the coupling. Gearbox is on the right side . I haven't removed it, so I'm not sure if there are different shaft sizes within. cheers, Jim
  11. J

    10 EE Gearbox and New Motor Adapter Plate

    Fortunately, I called Monarch for advise and they had a AC motor and gearbox they pulled from a rebuild donor. This one is using the end bell of the DC motor. There's also a good write up of a conversion on the Facebook 10EE group.
  12. J

    Rewiring 13x30 monarch model 61 from 480V to 240V

    That seems backwards, you're running a 7.5HP spindle motor with a 5 HP VFD?? Does your spindle motor draw less than 15.3 FLA 3 Phase? That looks like the rating for the VFD.
  13. J

    Trav-a-dial bracket for 10EE ?

    I found one on Ebay that is supposed to be the correct one... Looks like it attaches to the front/tail stock side of the apron. The bracket number on it is BR-17. It looks easy enough to make one. I haven't cleaned it up yet or installed.
  14. J

    1957 10EE Spindle Motor mounting plate

    I have a 57 Square dial 10EE. I'm not sure what hardware for the spindle motor mounting plate is missing. Later models show an isolation bushing, but my plate doesn't have the reliefs machined in it. Did older models have rubber bushings? Here's a picture of my mounting plate and the...
  15. J

    Start stop switch help?

    Probably the wrong voltage to the coil. Cal has a great write-up on motor starter configurations for the 10EE, most of the basics will apply to your contactor. You'll need to change the heaters too...
  16. J

    Monarch thumb screw

    I'm not sure if the thumb screw is the same as a 10EE one, but here's a picture of my disassembled dial. You can see the thumb screw and retaining pin.
  17. J

    Odd back gear location on government 10EE

    Looks like a tach generator on the back of the spindle motor. That umbilical cord probably when to a separate enclosure the housed a aftermarket drive setup. My gov machine had the same cord 🤪
  18. J

    1949 10ee Trouble Shooting? (WiaD tube drive)

    I would check the start push button on the front, then check the coil and the heaters on the contactor. There may be two switches on the back cover, one is a reset for the contactor, the other might be a on off for the coolant pump. The coolant pump only gets power when the contactor is closed.
  19. J

    Monarch 10EE way profile

    v2 fit good. I'm waiting on the hardware to finish it and take pictures...
  20. J

    Monarch 10EE way profile

    I printed a test piece and on mine you need to shorten the clamping leg "12.37" to around 11 - 11.25 mm. See picture. This is at the tailstock end with a flashlight to provide contrast. For the wiper cover, that area is needed for the felt wiper. Based on your design, are there...