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    American Sun Vises

    How simple life can be, I tend to forget that. Although the last time a kid had my phone in her hands, it was unusable upon return. Cheers
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    American Sun Vises

    Thanks Larry, very nice I will remember that. Charles p.s. actually I would like to print this single message and store it on my PC, but I can't find an option to do that. Does it exist?
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    American Sun Vises

    Thanks, but actually I can't remember why I would have asked that question, as the vise was and still is in perfect condition. Curiosity I suppose.
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    Schaublin 102vm gearing for metric threada

    But you are absolutely right and I never noticed this silly text and indeed also the formula. As dnp said the last gear goes on the lead screw. But in the case of only 3 gears used (the pitches from 1.5 - 6 mm) the formula should be a/d (because c is just an idler and its size is immaterial -...
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    Schaublin 135 lifting bolts?

    A bit late, but nobody else seem to have a reply. I don't know, but on my 125 they are indeed M22x2.5. I don't have the eyes, but have M22x2.5 bolts which fit. Regards, Charles
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    Schaublin 102 rear spindle diameter

    Sorry, that was bad reading from my side as I did not realise you were asking for the outside diameters. So better scrap my reply. Charles
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    Schaublin 102 rear spindle diameter

    Are you sure about that? I have no W20 or W25 lathe headstock any more, but my W20 dividing head and corresponding draw bar have 23 mm diameter @rear, while the W25 draw bar (which I still have for my ex 125VM) has 28.99 mm as the diameter @rear of the spindle (for a 29 mm spindle). Charles
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    Graziano sag 12s about a 1984, need schematic help please!

    Not really, there are actually 6 SAG documents for download which include a SAG12 manual and some other documents. I actually downloaded the manual (to see if it works). If you click on the documents (e.g the manual), it refers you to...
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    Graziano sag 12s about a 1984, need schematic help please!

    Did you have a look at the French site "passion-usinages", in particular at graziano - Graziano SAG 12 & 12S They have some Graziano manuals as well, which can be dowloaded. Charles
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    German readers, what do you think of this CNC retrofit package on German eBay ?

    Maybe her own industrial website CNC-Steuerung CNC - Startseite CNC-Artikeln - CNC-Steuerung-Retrofit mit IP-Steuerung provides more info?
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    Hercules version of the Graziano SAG 14.

    just curiosity, but it looks as if 3 out of the 6 Camlock pins are taken out from the collet chuck. What would be the reason to do so? Laziness? Charles
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    mystery tool, can anyone help?

    What you have are extension bars for boring heads made by CO (without "tools") which stands for Compagnie D'outillages De Precision S.A. The boring heads are very precise and because only the cutter moves out, they are reasonably balanced and can turn at higher speeds than the usual system...
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    Largest suitable chuck on a Schaublin 102?

    My 120VM did not have a brake either but the bigger danger was going accidentally into reverse. Charles
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    Largest suitable chuck on a Schaublin 102?

    It might be worthwhile to verify the external diameter of the collar for a clamp ring to be used (I would strongly advice to use one, especially for the intended larger diameters). That collar diameter should be 60 mm, but at least in the past, these RC backplates would be secured on the lathe...
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    Aciera F1

    Yes. The cast iron holder which holds the spindle in vertical position sits in the top of the milling machine and can rotate as you noticed correctly. But if to take that part away completely and take the spindle out of that part as well, the spindle can be inserted from the back in that part...
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    FP1 Horizontal Arbor Complication

    the 27mm is somewhat odd, but could it be that it followed exisitng imperial sizes, because: 13 ~ 1/2" 16 ~ 5/8" 22 ~ 7/8" 27 ~ 1-1/16" oddity 32 ~ 1-1/4" 40 ~ 1-1/2" ? Charles
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    44,000 Euro for an FP1 in Germany now.....

    Hmm, thus a new Rolls-Royce for 50000 euro is expensive? Charles
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    Besides collet closing, can anyone think of reasons for a brake on Schaubliin 135 ?

    No need to doubt my knowledge of the motorcycle clutch, as I know nothing of motorcycles. But I was also referring to Milacron's original question: If a purpose made balancing shaft for the brake discs is not perfect including perfect centers, the balancing will not result in perfect balanced...
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    Besides collet closing, can anyone think of reasons for a brake on Schaubliin 135 ?

    Sorry, I don't understand this. If the centers are off-center, you can balance the shaft, but it will still not turn around its proper axis, and the brake disc will neither. Charles
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    DRO for Deckel FP1

    Actually I only know of a US artist guy Jeff somename that painted pigs and could sell them to the very wary?:)