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    Centricator I think

    Bob I will take it. Will pm for particulars. Thanks! Chuck
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    Will a 3 jaw power chuck work on a Warner Swasey #3?

    Anyone know if the CNC type power chuck demands more force than the Warner Swasey manually operated lever system? What kind of force is necessary to actuate a 3 jaw power chuck? Chuck in search of a chuck
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    Will a 32mm hydraulic milling chuck hold a 1.25" dia. tool?

    Guys, Thanks for your concise answers. Won't be going down that road. Chuck won't be buying that chuck.
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    Will a 3 jaw power chuck work on a Warner Swasey #3?

    Ken, Current setup is just a (aprox) 1.5" od tube in the spindle that is lever actuated to push the collet into the collet nose. Was hoping to use the existing lever system to actuate the power chuck. Spindle nose is A2-6 so there are a lot of power chucks out there that will fit. Chuck
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    Will a 3 jaw power chuck work on a Warner Swasey #3?

    My current setup uses the factory collets that are actuated by a push tube. Big hand lever provides the closing and holding power. Works great, but was wondering if the geometry is enough to actuate a modern CNC type 3 jaw. Thanks in advance. Chuck
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    Will a 32mm hydraulic milling chuck hold a 1.25" dia. tool?

    New to hydraulic milling chucks, and will be used on a 50 taper manual mill. Thanks in advance . Chuck
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    rigging a moore jig borer

    Just moved a Moore #2 to my shop. My rigger Gabriel had the correct threaded eye bolt. Once I got it to my shop, I opened the back lower cover and there it was, the original factory eye bolt. So check to see if you already have one in the machine. Chuck
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    OT - Post your desk/work station

    I use an adjustable height table with drawers, from Home Depot. Works great but you already cannot see the wood top due to clutter. Chuck
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    FS - Manchester groove tooling

    Could you tell us the part numbers off the main body? I use manchester cut off tools on my warner turret lathe. Chuck
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    Recommended Bandsaw Blades for D2, A2 and S7

    Andy, I cut S7 all the time with a Do-all C4. Just the same coarse blade I use for mild steel, nothing special. Just cut 4" Dia. Inconel 718 with it the other day. Material is annealed right? Chuck
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    collet storage ideas?

    This started as a stop-gap measure but I think I will make a cabinet with a swing arm using these plastic MIG wire spools. 5C shown below but 2J and TG 150's can be made to fit. Chuck
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    Acu-rite mill D200 manual

    I'd like a copy if you have one. Chuck
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    Trouble to parting off on a regular lathe

    All good advice but the biggest improvement I found was to not deal with the compound and run the tool upside down, behind the work. Regular rotation. I use HSS blades to cut just about everything. Best cut off accessory I found was my Warner Swasey #3. I look forward to parting on that...
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    Mobil DTE equivalent? Tractor Supply?

    Guys, Learning a lot here. Thanks for all the responses. So, my Warner Swasey #3 has a clutch and brake, that would point to a hydraulic oil. I can't be certain that DTE Medium is correct at this point. Original Warner Swasey description: W&S H-10 is oxidation and corosion inhibited turbine...
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    Interesting drill press table lift

    Poor mans version of the above. Side wind trailer jack. Very quick to operate, been using it now for over a decade. Adds a lot of stability as well. I extended the table lock so that both the raising handle and table lock are easily reachable from the front of the DP. Chuck
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    Mobil DTE equivalent? Tractor Supply?

    Heading out to a Tractor Supply this weekend and was wondering if they have an equivalent to Mobil DTE Medium. DTE Medium is called for the headstock of my Warner Swasey M1200 (#3). Thanks in advance. Chuck
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    Steel for cooking

    Interesting video on how Fujita Kinzoku makes their carbon steel frying pans. Good metalworking content. Chuck
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    Wanted, masking plates for a 8" Cushman super spacer

    Here is a pic. Should be able to put it in a flat rate box. Chuck
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    Wanted, masking plates for a 8" Cushman super spacer

    Moonlight, I have the masking plates in the sizes you are looking for. How about $30.00 for all five plus USPS? Chuck