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  1. Herb in Delco

    physics of a flat belt and pulleys?

    Shame that you already spent the bucks on a leather belt. The "new" belts, particularly the ones that are yellow on one side and green on the other are amazing. The one on our camelback is at last 40 years old. Doesn't strech, just drives when needed. Only downside is that they have to glued to...
  2. Herb in Delco

    Air rifle

    Thanks, folks! I'll have to find my 40-year-old chronograph, and see if it still works. The sonic "crack" is what made me think that there was an improvement in velocity. I'm talking about a break barrel spring gun, so the air should be hot from compression, not cold as in stored air release...
  3. Herb in Delco

    Air rifle

    Has anyone tried putting a drop of oil in the skirt of the pellet to cause it to diesel? I know it works, did it by accident--but is it too hard on the valve etc of the rifle?
  4. Herb in Delco

    Vintage Ross Carrier Clark Lift Truck

    An outfit that I worked for back in the '70's bought a Ross 18000# long wheelbase just before I started, and in the time that I worked there I rebuilt most everything except the drive axle. Broke a couple of axle shafts, but never had to get into the ring and pinion. Later a 15000# short...
  5. Herb in Delco

    Repair Davis lathe (was Can this machine be repaired?)

    Looks like the two large gears going into the quick change box MIGHT be 120 and 127 teeth. If so, you are half way to a machine that will cut English and Metric threads. Check this out before giving up on the machine
  6. Herb in Delco

    Wedding Ring Safety

    When I got married, my wife to be said that she didn't want me wearing a wedding band. Someone must have told her about the dangers. Fifty six years later, my wife passed away. Now, I wear her ring on a chain around my neck, to remind myself daily that I have lost much more than just a finger
  7. Herb in Delco

    Wade no 5 precision bench lathe

    The teeth on the belt and pulleys most likely will give you less of a finish than the machine is capable of.
  8. Herb in Delco

    Wade no 5 precision bench lathe

    Is the closer the type that you tighten a wheel on the left end of the spindle to close the collet, Or is it the one that once set for size, you move a lever to tighten and release? If the later, I would be very interested in it, as I have the wheel type, and after an hours use gets very tiring
  9. Herb in Delco

    Wade no 5 precision bench lathe

    The collets (and draw tube) have a BUTTRESS thread
  10. Herb in Delco

    3B collet

    As "IT" I assume you mean the collet. Sorry, no. Herb
  11. Herb in Delco

    Very early Bridgeport mystery head?

    No number any other place that I know of. Perhaps "shim" wasn't the best word- the piece is about a quarter inch thick, and apparently the idea was that you would dust off a thousandth or two from this with a surface grinder if the spindle got loose. Clean off all the crusty paint, and it should...
  12. Herb in Delco

    Minature shaper available in Toronto, Canada

    Cute, but $1500----more like half that. Herb
  13. Herb in Delco

    Very early Bridgeport mystery head?

    It's an early M with the quill sleeve missing. The first of the M's were slit top to bottom so that a shim could be removed to compensate for wear. I had a complete one--- #236 as I recall--- which was dated by the fellow at the Bridgeport CNC school as 1938. Serial #'s were stamped on the top...
  14. Herb in Delco

    Neat Roll Around Lodge and Shipley

    I agree that a CXA is what you should have. We use a "B" size on a 14/20" Don't buy anything other than an Aloris--The other USA made one says that theirs "repeats within tenths"--they just don't say how many tenths! The Chinese, you get what you pay for. If you ever sell the machine, keep the...
  15. Herb in Delco

    Neat Roll Around Lodge and Shipley

    John O In your link Worked Good! You mentioned you were taking the headstock off in preparation for "home bed planing". In a great amount of years, I have owned a large number of lathes that could have benefited from this, and every time one was acquired the subject of planing--without a...
  16. Herb in Delco

    new hendy lathe

    Looks like you should have a wider (2"?) belt between the gear box and the spindle cone pulley. Get the thinnest belt you can get. Amazing how much power bending an thick belt requires. If you are going to remove the spindle--go with one of the endless synthetic belts, they pull like mules and...
  17. Herb in Delco

    Rig, Lift & Place

    John- Did you ever do the sled/planing job? Photos? Herb
  18. Herb in Delco

    McGowen Machine Works, Globe AZ (was old machine shop)

    What powered the shop? Did they mention an asking price? Herb
  19. Herb in Delco

    New Flat Belt Drive Planers

    Rusty, it isn't the design that I find at fault--I understand the utility of a 5Hp planer in rural underdeveloped countries. It is the lack of any form of quality of the stuff that I wonder about. What about the planer that (perhaps) breaks the main bull gear on the table drive the first time...