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    Mplus Control trying to use EIA/ISO diameter offsets with Mazatrol tool presetter

    So I have a Mplus control that I have been using the Tool Data for both my diameters and length offsets reliably in EIA/ISO mode. However, because of the limitations of Tool Data, I'm unable to use cutter comp in a small diameter or confining hole like you could with a fanuc. In other words...
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    VTC-16B Tool changer locked up

    I have a 1998 VTC-16B with an Mplus control. During a tool change operation, my air compressor failed to deliver enough volume to the machine, which caused it to stop in mid operation. What I have now is, the machine's spindle is elevated above the umbrella, the umbrella is extended and the...
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    EIA Issue with M plus Mazak

    Thought I'd follow up with what I figured out. From some previous threads I noticed that I need a couple of parameter changes in order for the control to utilize the Mazatrol tool data for offsets in Z. Got that figured and fixed. Next, I had to include the G43 line in along with the...
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    Mazak T-Plus Eia/Iso (G-Code) Programming Questions

    I had three QT20's at one time with barfeeds and parts catchers....It never ceases to amaze me how quick a guy can run parts through those machines and how accurate they were. When it comes to 2 axis turning, nothing beats a Mazak.
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    Couple mazatrol programming questions.

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but your statement here applies directly with what I'm trying to figure out with my Mplus Mazak. If I understand you correctly, when I'm programming with EIA, I need to omit the G43? I setup a job tonight using a 3/8" endmill that had been touched off the...
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    EIA Issue with M plus Mazak

    Now it will allow me to run, but only after it changes the tool to tool 0. It will ignore it, so long as it believes that Tool 0 is in the spindle. Tried flipping the T019 and T00 around and it made no difference, but it will alarm out if M06 is in a separate line. Now I'm trying to restart the...
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    EIA Issue with M plus Mazak

    I have a VTC16B with an umbrella-style changer, so I can't preload tools like you would for a swingarm-style sidemount. I'm pretty sure the problem lies in the parameters, but I'll eliminate the spacing and see what happens. It seems like it likes the T019T00M06; since that's what it spits out...
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    EIA Issue with M plus Mazak

    Was hoping someone might be able to help me out on figuring out the secret sauce to getting a EIA program running on my Mplus control. I generated a 3D toolpath with Mastercam and posted the code, which it excepted in toolpath verification, but for whatever reason, it seems to continue to want...