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    Can the Precision Matthews PM-728VT CNC kit able to do micro machining?

    No need to get your knickers in a twist. If you applied that criteria more equitably then you and a dozen other members would never post anything :)
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    Can the Precision Matthews PM-728VT CNC kit able to do micro machining?

    whatever the pissing contest you guys are having - why the heck would one bother trying to tool up with a whole new machine+tooling+material+whoknowshowmanyscrewups just to save $50? I as much of a cheapskate as anyone on here, but that flat out doesn't make any sense to me. Even if it was...
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    American machine and tool company

    I think you made out like a bandit! You'll have fun with that for a long time. I agree with the oiling comment above - old lathes are like VW Beetles, if there's not a puddle of oil under them then they need oiling :)
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    Best engineering screw ups

    The water pump on a 2000 Ford Focus. You have to remove an engine mount and jack the engine up to undo the bolts holding it on, then you have to let the engine sink down past its usual position to remove the pump. All because there's about 1/2" clearance between it and the frame rail. I hated...
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    Chip tray fitment for lathe that never came with one?

    I have a big alu drip tray made for going under leaky cars on my heavy 9 (bench mount). The back splash angles down into the tray and clean up is quick and easy
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    Troubleshooting 6061 parting - existing proven program&tooling

    same batch of inserts as before or new batch? Bit of a long shot, but you never know
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    WTB: Accu-finish carbide grinder or equivalent

    I've always envisioned it as more of an Aladdin's cave :D
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    OT: how to attach broken cast iron part

    yep, just what I said :)
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    OT: how to attach broken cast iron part

    I'm a hack, but I'd drill and bolt two supports on either side and one underneath on the inside, and slather the joints in JB weld. JB Weld on its own kinda sucks, it's not very strong, and strapping can come loose or bend. The two together make a very strong repair, though the aesthetics will...
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    Need Advice: How Can I Break This Allen Screw Free?

    Drilling out would be my last option. Try heat and cold cycles with a propane torch and a can of compressed air held upside down. In my experience that gets about 90% of stuck fasteners out.
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    O.T. aftermarket vehicle parts

    Daily driver category on rockauto for me. Sometimes I cross shop on Amazon for the same part no, occasionally they're cheaper, most times rockauto is cheaper. Can't remember them last time I went to a parts counter.
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    For sale Clausing floor model drill press

    Crazy that you haven't sold it yet, especially for that price. If I was within 3-4h driving distance I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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    Carbide inserts for 'Oilon' engineering plastic

    I've used ccgt inserts on delrin and a few other random bits of plastic and they cut very nicely. Don't get too greedy with the feed or doc or they'll grab. Easy enough to do as they cut so easily
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    Carbide inserts for 'Oilon' engineering plastic

    Wow, guy asks for advice on what inserts to use for a specific material and ends up being told he shouldn't be using a lathe because he can't hand grind a piece of HSS to the needed profile. What a bunch of crotchety closeted old farts. And you didn't even send him to there hobby machinist...
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    B&S #1 + Bridgeport C head for sale cheap - Scarborough, Maine

    That would be pretty sweet for someone starting out and looking for a mill to learn on.
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    Converting a PSU to Use for Electrolysis

    Do you want to try electrolysis or anodising out of interest or to use it regularly? If the first, I can see the appeal in spending hours futzing around trying to get something to work that isn't supposed to do what you're trying to make it do. If the second, just spend $60 or 70 on a 30V10A...
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    OT: SpaceX Starship/Booster test flight 04/20/23

    They did test the main stage on the ground, but only at 1/2 thrust I think. Any more than that and it would have ripped the gantry out and gone off for a wander. I'm sure they have FEA'd and modeled everything up the whatsit, but there's no getting away for the need for real life data. Besides...
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    Cleaning Up A 1920 15" South Bend Lathe (WIP)

    what a beauty! Rare to see a complete overhead drive too. I have a wide 9 of a similar vintage (1928?) and went through all of it fixing up various little bits'n'pieces. All of the felts had solidified decades ago, so it was well worth doing just from that perspective. Now it happily drips oil...
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    Interest and estimated value? South Bend Metal Lathe... Thank you,

    That's just like mine, only o didn't get the whole over head drive with it. It's pretty stout for a 9" lathe and of everything works you should have trouble getting rid of it. As for how much, that depends on where you are. In the south west, that's a $1000-1500 lathe depending on what else...
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    FS MT4 live centers and drill chucks/ arbors galore

    What's left: left most MT4 live center small straight shanked drill chuck MT1 drill chuck Both MT2 drill chucks 6B and 36B threaded drill chucks JT2, JT3 (5/8" and 1-1/4") and JT5 straight arbors