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  1. Johnhudson

    Mori Seiki SL25 Alarm 12 on Spindle Servo Drive

    I've noticed on my SL-25 if I manually turn on the spindle It starts at the lowest speed. But if you hit the slower arrow it will go slower. Hence if I do not arrow speed up before shut down the next time I power on it will fault the spindle until I MDI a faster speed. I alway just warm the...
  2. Johnhudson

    Otc lathe threading Single G76

    Thanks Bill, Your memory is spot on #109 parameter, It was set to 5. Book says it can be set with programmed command also. Would that be R 0 ( book skips around between double and single format but no examples) Thanks in advance John
  3. Johnhudson

    Otc lathe threading Single G76

    Running a single line G76, Having problem getting the thread close enough to a shoulder, Code X starts @ .35 S500 Z.2 G76 X.262 Z-.14 K0260 D0100 A29 F.04167 (5/16 X 24) I only have half of pitch to stop . Machine 1990 Mori SL-25 I know that increase the thread relief will work but just...
  4. Johnhudson

    Mastercam popularity

    Is 9K alot for Mill+Wire? Seems pretty reasonable to me. Most just go with what they know, Why spend your time fighting thru a new software. I find Tech support is real good with my reseller. No complaints here. Plus you own it even after your maintenance is expired.
  5. Johnhudson

    UMC 750 Delivered

    Congratulations on the new machine, Keep us informed when you have a better opinion.
  6. Johnhudson

    We need a lot more of this in the US; what is your state doing?

    The problem today is kids see no future( MONEY) in manufacturing. YouTube stars and video game testers rule are youths ambitions.
  7. Johnhudson

    Mori Seiki SL-25Y

    Same here 1990 SL-25 No live tooling just 2 axis Runs great no problems.
  8. Johnhudson

    Face groove help

    Lie to it
  9. Johnhudson

    316L SS Production Drilling Options

    My bad just realized your size 13/16 not 3/16
  10. Johnhudson

    316L SS Production Drilling Options

    TSC and carbide drill. Mits or Nachi are my go to.
  11. Johnhudson

    Best used precision surface grinders that are rebuildable/repairable?

    Parker majestic or Mitsui If you grind steel mitsui Parkers handle carbide better.
  12. Johnhudson

    Bidspotter auctions - How To?

    Thats exactly what I did, There rigging there trucking There auction fees are super high percentage also you have to factor in all these things. You have to be willing to walk to get bottom dollar.
  13. Johnhudson

    Bidspotter auctions - How To?

    My online auction did not go the way I thought. I had the machine inspected from a local guy first. When the bidding started it was on a timer countdown between bids. Right at the end it always jumped up. It went over my limit. Auction house called me the next day saying the customer backed out...
  14. Johnhudson

    Rigid Tapping small hole inconsistencies

    Roll Form never look back. 6-32 agreed worse tap size ever. Teeth to big for shank size.
  15. Johnhudson

    anyone with experience with RobbJack FMHV end mills$$ on large HP aluminum only mills?

    Sales guy told me that the Robb Jack was really good at thin wall landing gear spar type of work. Made on the Makino Mag machine, Why would you go against Makino techs? Price is high but all of the things I have ever used from them have been Top Notch.
  16. Johnhudson

    Advice on Tapping 3/8-24 hole in 316

    Moly-D is a good tapping fluid.
  17. Johnhudson

    Tips in general, little discussion , just the tips,

    Measure twice cut once. Create good habits. To have the best you have make it yourself.(circa 1991)
  18. Johnhudson

    Projecting toolpath with MC v9.1.

    Wow 9.1 seems like so long ago good memory.
  19. Johnhudson

    New Machine day (New to me)

    Yeah its huge shop is stuffed now, Its 18 ft long, I only have 1200 sq ft.
  20. Johnhudson

    New Machine day (New to me)

    Got power, semi level, went to IMTS to get a idea for tombstones and tooling. Just trying to catch up on my work load, hunting season too. Should be firing it up before the end of the year. Spent my wad buying the machine. In conserve mode right now.