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    Fanuc Oi breaking taps

    Should the F command have a decimal point?
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    Fanuc Oi breaking taps

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    Mazak QT350 Nexus Program Shift Losing Position??

    How much memory do you have left? I've seen weird things happen when the memory gets towards full, try removing some programs and see if helps.
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    Where is the turret position sensor on a QT20hp with tplus controls?

    On a T32 it's M46 for one way rotation.
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    Mazak 35 atc slant turn

    Is the chain sloppy and/or tool carriers tight, could be mechanical....
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    Mazak 35 atc slant turn

    How far out is it? I scrapped my ST20-ATC after I started scrapping jobs due to the tool not seating properly, they are an awful design in my opinion.
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    Mori seiki mv junior display not tunring on

    Have you tried holding the power on button in for a few seconds?
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    '96 SQT15MS- Panel breaker tripping

    Just to be sure what you are saying, the machine hasn't tripped since replacing the breaker? Breakers can degrade over time, I've had to change out many over the 25yrs I've been running.
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    Mori Seiki - MV Junior Oil Air Lubricating Unit Error

    I'm probably a mile off with this, I've owned and run the same machine for 20yrs and they are superb, have you checked the tool change oiler? Don't take the sheet metal off as the book suggests, climb on top of the machine, on top of the z-axis cartridge there's a pneumatic cylinder that...
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    Mazak QT20 index problem

    You can set it to index one way only, M61 I think?
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    Threading M64x6 on QT15N

    Angle should be 60 Deg for metric thread.
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    WTF???? Suddenly cutting undersized.

    My Mazak would do this, turned out to be a loose grub screw on the encoder coupling, nipped it up and that was that.
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    Advise in dealing with non-paying customer/vendor

    Just a side note to this, I think you're massively underselling yourself with you're pricing, I was doing this type of work 15yrs ago and would charge around £500 per gib back then (normally about 12" x 2"), work was plentiful back then with a Ford & Vauxhall plant nearby, alas both plants have...
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    CNC Lathe turns OD's well, but does not repeat when boring

    You say the material doesn't matter but let's say for example you are cutting SS316, at .25" dia you would need a rpm of around 5000ish so 1500 rpm seems awfully slow.
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    Minimum charge.

    I'm a one man band, if I get a walk-in I just point to the machines that are running, "if I stop them to do your job I'll have to charge you the same rate as I'm making on them, £150/hr", they usually bugger off pretty quick.
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    Rare old japanese mill help needed for old Fanuc control zero reference procedure.

    Have you tried keeping the button held down?
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    T32-B can you program a drill to do another process as a boring bar

    Does the T32B allow you to assign a letter after the tool no as the T32 does? If so just call up T1 as a drill and T1B as a boring bar, don't forget to add it to the tool data page and set both offsets and tool geometry correctly.
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    SQT10M Chuck Size

    I'm looking at bidding on a 1997 T-Plus machine that has a 6.5" chuck on it, does anyone know if it's possible to fit an 8" chuck to this machine?
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    Milling Structural Steel (S275jr) on a new Hurco VM20i

    That's an awfully slow rpm for either tap, M6 should be 350-550rpm and the M10 200-300rpm.