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    Machined parts all exactly at limit of tolerance (MMC) - is there a practical reason?

    Given the tighter tolerances it is possible that the parts measured nominal in the non-temperature controlled shop they were made in, but now in your temperature controlled place they are to edge of tolerance.
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    Way OT: Sales guy tells me to NOT run premo gas in small engine?

    Here in Tennessee, most Co-ops carry non-ethanol fuel and well as select gas stations, some of them mom-n-pop but some larger chains like Weigels. I run non-ethanol in my cars because i get much better fuel mileage. 2008 Altima 2S 4 cylinder, Non-ethanol 87 octane = 31 mgp on my weekly 300...
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    college versus trades

    Those "Elites" don't understand that that knuckle-dragging plumber they are putting down is likely making >$100k to $200k or more a year working 3-4 days a week, has zero student load debt and was likely pulling down bank 3 years before they got out of college. Yea, he has to go home smelling...
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    My Radio Silence

    Just remember that there is nothing as tough as a Limy Sami...you will get through this. Take care of yourself, PM has been lacking in smart-assness, you been missed.
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    Geared live tools?

    Eric, Just now saw this post. We run 2x speeder tools, WTO brand. These are in 24/5 production >500 cycles a day and we see a life of about 2-3 years. But they can be rebuilt for not a lot of money. Coolant for cooling is a requirement though.
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    Question on hand written G41 cutter compensation

    At least for me, it is fairly common to add finishing allowance to the tool offset via macro if I am using cutter compensation. You only need to write the path once and you let the control mostly do the math it is so good at. It is a time saver when programming.
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    the art of going fast: Brother Speedio vs Doosan SVM

    Total throughput as you define it is not really a key element. Billable hours is. The more paying jobs (Work) I can get done in the total amount of billable hours I have available (Capacity) with the least investment and operating costs, the higher my profit margin. Example: Total...
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    Lights out turning

    PCD tooling, 1000 psi coolant and IFM Effector differential pressure sensors to shut the machine down if the coolant pressure isn't there proper. This will likely take care of the chip issues. PCD in 6061 should be good for many 10's of 1000's of parts. It also keeps you in tolerance as the...
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    brother m140x collision check

    The short answer is yes. However, you should have a good understanding of machine parameters and the dangers with changing them before changing things.
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    Damaged BT30 spindle. grrr

    Make sure the ball retainer isn't cracked if it broke the pull stud. It has been my experience that that can happen depending on the crash type. We have a spare spindle in stock and just swap it out. Takes less than an hour after you have done the first one. Usually the balance is good...
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    CAM vs Hand Coding

    Yep, I'm going to invest all of that time in developing a set of posts (multiple machines with multiple different controllers) to modify (or possibly write) a new set of very custom macro programs once every 3 years. And if the new product in the 3 year cycle requires a different machine (very...
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    CAM vs Hand Coding

    Just a small correction. We'll do it to save 0.1 second/part. Would do it to save 0.05 seconds when we had super volume aluminum production at my facility. Every block of code costs you time. Doesn't matter if it's a 1980 Fanuc 0 or a new Siemens 840SL that eats code like no tomorrow. It...
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    CAM vs Hand Coding

    In our world - for production - you are going to have your generic macro programs wrote before production even begins. Note that most machines in an automated process do a portion of the part, not the whole part and that machine will always do that particular portion of the part. Since...
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    CAM vs Hand Coding

    Engineer for a Global Tier 1 supplier here. 80% or more of our programming is hand code. Most of it is Macro and what isn't is very custom tooling that CAM systems just do not understand well. We do have one department that is probably 80% CAM and 20% custom macro. But unlike the rest of us...
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    Monthly Mill Allocations for vendors?...........ugh.

    It's everything. I ordered some stock standard off the shelf pico-(8mm) to micro (12 mm) 5 meter length sensor cables May 1. They showed up July 30. Got a quote today for some 80/20 extrusion cut to length by our distributor, 40 business days lead time, but I can get a full 4 meter stick in...
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    OT. In Memory of Mitty

    I cannot believe it has been that long. The last 5 of those years have just flown by.
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    VMC with X axis noise but only .0001" backlash

    Lots of Mazak experience here. I'd go with thrust bearings first. It is rarely the screw unless it's got a few million cycles on it or it's a X-axis on a 250/50 vertical mill.
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    In-line laser inspection

    I guess it depends on what tolerances you need. For very accurate measurements, there can be no coolant or oil on a laser measured part, needs to be absolutely clean.
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    Brother CNC mill for a job shop

    Your eyes probably are not lying to you.
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    Brother S500x1 subplate suggestions/thickness.................

    I've used 1" MIC6 for all the subplates I built for Brother machines except 2 and they are 6061. One of those has 2x Sankyo rotaries hanging off of one end of the table. It's been in automated production since 2007 and there have been no issues.