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    My little (home) shop

    You got a market for sure and who ever can speed up that slow a$$ tool changer...
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    Fadal vmc15 alternatives?

    ^^ it's all about cheap labor. The entire reason a Chinese machine is so inexpensive is 100% the labor (or no emissions/poison standards). Even with the markups on shipping containers last year a guy I did business with said he was seeing(at that time) 30% increase and YET he still was getting...
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    "Lordstown halts production, shipments of Endurance electric trucks" Recall announced

    Some new semi-trucks not supposed to idle cuz it messes up the DEF system or whatever they call that magically blue fluid.
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    Preparing CNC machines for long term storage ~1yr

    Cosomoline all the way surfaces and table , just remember to clean them off upon start up.
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    Reasons NOT to get y axis or sub spindle????

    You could spring for a Mazak used with VDI turret with Capto Live holders. The right parts and setting up the turret from day one for the parts you make most with help decrease setup times. Shouldn't take longer than 2hrs on parts you have ran previously in setup. If you have loose tolerances...
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    Boss says new Haas get that Haas ordered before friday

    Please write stuff down and put in a sealed envelope. We could start a betting pool of what will go wrong in first 6mo.
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    Haas tech youtube?

    you got a father or grandpa willing to by a small 13x36 manual lathe to put in a corner of a garage to learn on? A small bench top CNC and learn CAD? You can't really cheat a career path. 2yr degree and learning a shop along the way gets you ahead of the game. Manual machining gets you even...
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    OT Please tell your friends who use to read here to come back

    I am an older millennial. I started with some manual machining. I consider myself a professional. I am the guy everyone says they need but unwilling to pay. The industry can change and I can help with that. I have been looking at attending some association meeting etc. However, from what I have...
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    USA Mini Self Centering Vise - Development Progress

    I will put my comrades to work and pay some more if there is improvements. They kept stealing our work, might as well steal theirs!
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    Working more efficiently by collecting all the tools before the job?

    Alright, tell your boss to hire a guy at 3 figures(typically with a Masters degree) to tell you how to do things. Trust us, all your problems will go away.
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    Shop Air Quality Filtration

    what kind of mist collectors you running? Some can get added in after filters etc(HEPA)
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    Ebay's latest personal info harvest

    Thanks for the tip. I wont use ebay either now.
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    Haas helping the Russians?

    I think Haas is on the clear here, even though they are tied up in oligarch money based on the stupid F1 team. Haas sent equipment to a distributor who is also covering the area of Belarus that was already paid for. That is a gray area and legal. Where the equipment went after that.... Then...
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    At whits end with a employee

    You stated he likes machining and did good work for a while. It could be he was gaming the system which others said. Could be a lifestyle problem...we all chased the girls when we were young. Multiple studies have shown you NEED 8hrs of sleep. We can go off of 6-7 , heck 4hrs, but most here know...
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    DN Solutions vs Leadwell vs Takisawa vs DMG Mori

    Do you not want a Puma with a 12 station turret at least? Is that readily available over there?
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    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    What do you think "manufacturing engineers" are really being hired for these days.....
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    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    Everybody stop. This is hilarious. Why? Because corporations are still doing this. Seriously. It's 2023, and these guys still think people are this dumb. These young engineers fall for this shit maybe for a couple years tops. That is the "problem". The internet , like this great forum, lets...
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    Fadal 2 tone blue stripes

    I would hot rod it...