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  1. TM1

    SIP Jig Bore MP-4G Rigging and Transport Prep

    Does anyone have the rigging and transport Prep instructions for a SIP MP-4G? I just purchased one from the original owner and will be rigging and hauling it about 400 miles. I glanced thru the manual and didn't see anything. My main concern taking the stresses off the lead screws. I know it...
  2. TM1

    Fanuc 15-t spindle RPM maxes out at 45 RPM No alarms

    Yes, checked G97.
  3. TM1

    Fanuc 15-t spindle RPM maxes out at 45 RPM No alarms

    I checked all the parameters on the drive, and entered them into the new board. They were the same as notes I had. Machine was running good, had gotten mice in it, but I repaired all the wiring. Most of damage was in the crt console. I've gotten everything else working and the spindle issue...
  4. TM1

    Fanuc 15-t spindle RPM maxes out at 45 RPM No alarms

    It is a Fanuc spindle drive A06B-6055-H422.
  5. TM1

    Fanuc 15-t spindle RPM maxes out at 45 RPM No alarms

    This model has a stepped switch instead of a actual pot. I looked up the inputs in the ladder and could see all bits changing as I rotated the switch. Plus it does it on m codes also.
  6. TM1

    Fanuc 15-t spindle RPM maxes out at 45 RPM No alarms

    I didn't think that style showed the rpm, so I never checked. I'll look at that next. On the controller it shows 43 rpm.
  7. TM1

    Fanuc 15-t spindle RPM maxes out at 45 RPM No alarms

    I swapped the whole board out for another one that supposedly came from a running CNC (eBay). I can check the MOSFETs tomorrow but it seems unlikely both boards would have the same failure.
  8. TM1

    Fanuc 15-t spindle RPM maxes out at 45 RPM No alarms

    I have a mori lathe with a Fanuc 15-t controller. When I input a RPM in MDI say 1500 RPM, spindle only turn 45 RPM. I'm not getting any alarms on the machine or on the spindle drive. It has a Fanuc spindle drive A06B-6055-H422. Same also happens when I use the manual button for turning...
  9. TM1

    Wanted, Lathe 30"+ Swing, 300" between centerz.

    Prefer American brands, will consider quality Asian or Euro brands. I already have several heavy American Pacemakes's so would prefer if I could find one of this size. PM me or reply.
  10. TM1

    Just bought a small South Bend. Missing spud gear

    Thanks, I have an old sheet that shows South Bend years but only goes to 1961. I can see how I was looking at it wrong.
  11. TM1

    Just bought a small South Bend. Missing spud gear

    So I just bought a 13" South Bend to add small part capacity to my shop, sight unseen from a government auction. They wouldn't let me preview it, something about a closed warehouse. But looks to be in good condition other than needs a new lead-screw for the cross slide (No problem there as...
  12. TM1

    Precision Levels

    I have always used starrett master precision 199 levels or the swiss electronic ones which I do not like as much as the spirit levels. However whenever I level and align a machine I like to use 2 to 3 levels so I can see running twist and how they relate to each other I only have one master...
  13. TM1

    Editing the ladder in M plus and T plus Control

    Does anyone have the procedure to allow editing of the ladder in either one of these controls. I have both an intergrex and a 3 axis mill that have had the ladder edited in the past, wrongly. All I need to do in both of them is change a contact from normally open to normally closed. I have...
  14. TM1

    Welin screw

    http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/antique-machinery-history/how-were-welin-breech-threads-cut-199741/ Check out this older post from a 1.5 years ago. It gives some information and suggested ways as too how these were made. Tristen
  15. TM1

    Mazak still broken

    Voltage surges Here where I'm from we don't see that many lighting strikes but I have seem some strange occurrences when the power fails and there is a surge right after. One comes to mind where the whole plant lost power for 20 sec. and the lit up for less than half a sec. Next 6 hours no...
  16. TM1

    Mazak Vs. Fanuc Controls!

    Mazatrol VS Fanuc I will state from a machine tool repair principal that i like that most Mazaks are Mitsubishi based, (they are friendly and willing to help you and most manuals are available on the mits website.) I have been around many operators that love the Mazatrol conversational, but if...
  17. TM1

    Leblond Regal 16x54 lathe

    I'm interested and sent you a pm with my email.
  18. TM1

    Dry milling 3/8 slots in aluminum

    Alum. Get a pail of wd40 and fill a refillable can with it and purchase a high helix aluminum carbide end mill. Makes a huge difference, spray the wd40 on while machining. Just remember alum. likes wd40. If you dont want to buy a new end mill at least use the carbide one, high rpm's though...
  19. TM1

    How were endless rope slings braided/created?

    I have never found them as cheap as A cup of Coffee. However I do recognize the color code mentioned before. I looked through my IPT rigging handbook and several other sources and could not find a color code for slings. But I know last time I ordered them (endless) the catalog mentioned easy...
  20. TM1

    Aluminum welding fillet size problem

    I have for years used 2% thoriated tungsten (red band) for all my Alum. welding as it is less likely to to ball or melt. I sharpen to a needle point with a long angle and usually flat the last to .020" dia. of the electrode, and only use 1/8" tungsten on anything over 3/16". I know miller only...