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  1. J

    O.T. Badlands winch

    Thanks, you're a big help.
  2. J

    O.T. Badlands winch

    Garwood, since you're familiar with these Warn winches... I've got a question. I bought a bi-directional motor for my Warn 5687 to replace the "power in only" motor. Do I leave the "drag brake" on the outboard end of the motor shaft? It is only actuated when the armature turns reverse of...
  3. J

    OT Please tell your friends who use to read here to come back

    Yeah, I only blocked thermite cause it gave me a headache trying to decipher the word salad. That gets real old real quick. On the other hand, I like arguing politics. I do it in real life, so why not here. Nothing like trying to get a guy to see the light.
  4. J

    Somewhat OT: Solar panels on shop roof

    Ever notice that the solar or wind power naysayers always want to insert themselves into the argument with "well, solar panels only last 4 years and they're considered to be toxic waste at the end of their lives", or "the windmills blades don't last and they have to be replaced every 19 months...
  5. J

    OT how do I figure out how tall my house is?

    That's a neat looking apparatus...looks like it'd be easy to build.
  6. J

    O.T. Badlands winch

    That would be a "Bed Wench", right? Those are too expensive.
  7. J

    O T vise stand

    That's a great improvement on the stand.
  8. J

    O T vise stand

    Right... it needs to be anchored to something immovable. I think that's why they call them "bench vises", isn't it? Put a piece of steel in the jaws in order to put a bend in it...the whole thing is going to twist around or tip.. vertically or horizontally. A wheel rim for a base doesn't...
  9. J

    OT What's up with all these phone calls from odd ball callers

    Well, I don't understand how all you guys seem to be plagued with so many unwanted phone calls. I've had the same cell phone number forever... I don't have any phone apps to stop scam phone calls, I haven't taken any proactive steps to prevent them. I can count on one hand the number of scam...
  10. J

    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    I fully expected one of the opposition to respond with "yeah, but Hunters laptop" by now.
  11. J

    O.T. Badlands winch

    Yesterday, after reading some of these posts... I contacted Western Motor Service (815-986-2214) and bought a bidirectional motor for my winch....now I'll have power out. $275 is all it cost. I figured it was going to be around 400. A side note... they've got DC motors for ALL KINDS of stuff...
  12. J

    O.T. Badlands winch

    I've got an old 1984 F150 4 speed 4x4 that I used to use cutting firewood. I went in to some iffy areas in creek and river bottoms doing that. Knowing what I had in store for me going out... I built a winch. The worm drive gearbox was gearbox off an old combine used to raise the header, I...
  13. J

    O.T. Badlands winch

    Yes, no power out. Nice to know the model number. Had no idea.
  14. J

    O.T. Badlands winch

    I have one like that.... got it in 1976. Saying "like that", but mine doesn't have the plastic cover over the motor. And, the brake drum doesn't look like that... not finned. It came with a "choke cable" control for the brake and to put the winch in "gear". I had it mounted on the front...
  15. J

    City permit woes

    Here where I live, small town....back in 1976 a guy I worked with bought (or maybe had built) a new house in a subdivision that was turning into what I'd describe as "rich-ville". The large, old expensive houses in town... the big 2 and 3 story 100 year old homes occupied by the doctors and...
  16. J

    Ebay's latest personal info harvest

    Yeah, but Hunters laptop! WOKE!!!!
  17. J

    Thought provoking video regarding automakers worldwide

    What political party is in charge in Mississippi? I'm guessing whoever it is thinks they're "owning the libs" How long can America let this stuff go on?
  18. J

    Lift using two chain hoists

    I've got two (Yale, I think) single phase electric hoists on one beam. A quarter ton and a one ton. I've overhauled this ancient Kewaunee boiler I heat the house with a few times, and I use this contraption to lift and turn and spin the thing to get it in proper cutting and welding position...
  19. J

    Preffered Cleaner Degreaser For Cleaning Old Machines & etc

    About 20 years ago, the shop next door was getting rid of this big, old early Bridgeford belt driven lathe. Covered in detrius, grease, oil and dust.... it was grey, but you couldn't tell by looking at it. In all the years I knew those guys, I never saw anyone use the thing. I bought it. It...
  20. J

    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    ~~~~~~~~~ Mod Delete, Political baiting~~~~~~~~