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    Hurco TM6 x axis following error limit exceeded

    My TM6 2012 did exactly that after the first year of ownership, bought new. Re-calibrate a dozen times, and it finally would work. I always thought it was a limit switch issue. Recently replaced the x axis limit switches after the aggravation built up too high. $50 made in Germany switches...
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    Insize Measuring Instruments

    For your dial and test indicators, look at Chicago Dial Indicator. USA stuff, been around for 60 years and good prices.
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    Need part for early 60's Delta 18" planer

    You probably will have to find a stock gear from Boston Gear or other and modify as necessary. Looks like 30 teeth and about 3 inch diameter. So, a 10dp 30t gear is required. Boston G1061ARH would probably be a good starting point if these assumptions are correct. Finding a shop to remove...
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    How do you interpret ASME Y14.5 2009 when it comes to chamfers, MMC, & Theoretical Sharp Points

    The depth of the 4.775 bore is .250 to the work point, center of TNR. This will give the bore the designed depth. The title block then gives the .015R to transition to the 45 degree chamfer. So, if it was programmed with zero on the leading edge, then you should have programmed to .2575 depth...
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    Repair of D1-3 spindle taper

    There still looks like a taper in the photo. Have you tried a different chuck or collet nose to confirm they are not the problem? If the spindle nose is still tapered, just relieving the flat will tighten the cone interface. No need to build up the taper. If you remove the three studs and...
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    Baileigh Equipment

    Baleigh 6 inch belt grinder is absolute junk. Bought it new. Grossly under powered, can easily stall it. premium belts never run accurately, and the adjusting bolt is standard loose chinese threads with a jam nut. The jam nut is a different hex size than the bolt, need two wrenches to...
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    FADAL resetting/restarting when going to auto mode

    yes, I did resolve it. It was one of the ice cube relays on the power board in the spindle drive cabinet. Not sure the number of the relay. I simple pulled them out and reseated them and it would work properly. Then it wouldn't, so replaced all relays. Only 7 of them I think. It has...
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    Can't buy a Square D 54-space single phase QO breaker panel for love or money!

    Can't help in finding one, but I wanted to comment on Gordon Electric. Recently moved and starting from scratch. Ordered a bunch of stuff through Gordon. They don't mention if something is in stock or not, just let you order it. Called after a couple weeks, and nothing was in stock. Months...
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    906-1 FADAL 4020 - Un-engaged low gear belt "slapping sound" as machine is running in high gear.

    This is normally caused by one belt not being fully released. The loss of oil is normally due to the air/oil cylinder being worn out. Replace the two tensioning cylinders and I think you'll be in good shape. Dave
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    Lathe opposite clutch

    is the electric motor turning the correct direction? if three phase, switch two of the leads would change the motor rotation, and thus the operation of the clutch handle. Might effect other motors on the machine, but that can easily be taken care of by switching leads at the individual motor...
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    Riggers or machinery movers in WV

    Can any of you Mountaineers assist in helping me find someone who can unload a truck in the Lewisburg or even the Beckley area? Would need a 15,000lb forklift. Prefer a local outfit, found a lot of guys who will drive a long way, but prefer local if I can. Internet searches aren't providing...
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    10EE possible motor issue

    I don't know the manufacturer, motor tag was definitely on top of the motor at the shaft end though. I can shoot a photo later and maybe someone can identify it. I'm just a bit confused on the current draw without load. But DC is most likely a different animal, so I'm asking. Thanks,
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    5c collet chucks, odd thread size

    Here's what the lathe chuck looks like, standard 5c inside threaded outside. 5C collet chuck screws on the end. These are used for large diameter thin parts, not a standard 5c setup. This is on a CNC lathe. You might want to look them up.
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    5c collet chucks, odd thread size

    Auction booty, but the thread size is 2.25-8. Hardinge standard is 2.18-10, so it won't fit my collet nose. Anyone know what this may fit? Can you use it? Have two chucks and three decent collets. Thanks, Dave
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    10EE possible motor issue

    Added another EE to the shop and have been sprucing it up a bit. The original WIAD had been removed and a Reliance MinPak drive was used for motor control. With the fixed field voltage, it would only run about 900rpm. So, I added a second Parker drive for the field, retaining the MinPak for...
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    length to chuck on lathe part

    G50 is your friend. Buy some soft jaws and not worry. Dave
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    Mill Suggestions.

    I have/had a single phase BP from the factory, even though I have 3 phase in the shop. Step pulley machine. I put together a system which uses a single phase vfd and a new 2hp 3 phase motor. Built a touch screen control that now gives variable speed, by operator typing in the speed with both...
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    Lablond Makino Regal Servoshift help.

    take the sheet metal cover off under the shift knob. There's two plastic cams that do the shifting. At least one is broken. they are available and rather affordable. Dave
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    Reaming Vise: Is there (still) such a thing?

    You might look at welding positioner chucks. They are very similar you the reaming chuck. Dave
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    OT Front load washer spider assembly

    Did that several years ago, but the model I had you had to replace the drum also. The detergent rots away the pot metal spider. When mine went out it took the bearing also. Didn't know it for a while, then just kept getting louder and louder when spinning. Finally junked it and went back to...