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    Lagun mill oil question.

    I have posted about this old mill in the past and found this place to be a great source for info. I have Lagun FU3-LC horizontal mill with a vertical head. The head that was on it when I bought it needed more work than it was worth so I swapped it out for a Lagun FTV2 head. I am currently in the...
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    Who uses the fine feed handwheel on the quill?

    I actually would like to put one on my mill. Since I installed the quill DRO and have yet to get my table DRO installed I think it would prove quite useful. When I worked in the trade I never operated a mill that had one. When I was in vocational school I never saw one so I am.at a loss as to...
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    Need help with a Lagun Mill.

    Wow that is not reassuring. LOL Maybe I should pick up that FTV-2 I found. I am honestly wondering now if another head will fit or if maybe this thing is some odd sized thing. If memory serves I pull the nuts off those four front tram bolts and there is just a t slot in that knuckle they fit...
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    Need help with a Lagun Mill.

    I have repaired the tach and it is working fine now. It runs off two rubber O rings that needed replaced. I was thinking of getting the MachTach simply because this mill is really tall and it is hard to see especially for my brother who is only 5'5" tall. I am a little over 6' and I can't reach...
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    Need help with a Lagun Mill.

    I am starting to wonder the same thing. I was just up at my shop working on it. Honestly it reminds me a little bit of an old DoAll mill I used to run in vocational school the spindle brake lever is just like that old DoAll. Its a good head honestly it runs quiet I would rather fix it and just...
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    Need help with a Lagun Mill.

    I have emailed them in Spain a few times and not gotten any response. I suppose it is possible my emails might be going to their spam folder or something. I head swap is seeming more and more likely. Thanks for taking the time to try and help me I appreciate it.
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    Need help with a Lagun Mill.

    Hello I am reconditioning a Lagun Mill I bought cheap. It says it is a model FU3-LC, however when I search for this model all I find are Horizontal mills and mine both a Horizontal and a Vertical head. I am going to need parts for the vertical head, however I can not find any markings on it to...