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    Is SPI Any Good??

    Swiss Precision Instruments = Rarely Swiss, sometimes precision
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    STI No-Go gaging question

    STI gauges have approximately one half of the pitch diameter tolerance of the same screw size. The insert manufacture gets the other half of the tolerance. On a 2-56 STI 3B you only have .0013 total pitch diameter band from go to no-go, and the gauge has tolerance also. A common thread gauging...
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    punch die clearance for plastic sheet

    You can laser cut a lot of holes for the price of one punch and die.
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    shopfloor cmm

    Hexagon makes a few different shop floor specific cmm's. The machines are self contained on a rolling stand and uses one 110v power cord. They use linear bearings so no shop air requirement, and some type of wide band temperature compensation.
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    WTB: Fadal In California

    West Coast CNC in Chatsworth, CA usually has an assortment of Fadal's for sale used and reman. They are also a Fadal rebuild shop still employing some of the original Fadal factory workers.
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    Fadal memory batteries, when to change?

    There is a battery check button and led on this board next to the battery, I was told to check with the power on to machine, the led should light up. I have had to replace a few batteries with the Mc Master unit. I found it convenient to clip the old leads off 1/4" above the board and solder...
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    Fadal 2 tone blue stripes

    The early machines the stripes were painted on. Might consider some fine line tape and paint for a one-off restoration.
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    We specify "DO NOT ETCH" on high precision parts, works best with un-dyed anodize. Parts that have a glass bead finish normally dye nicely without etch.
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    Fadal Rigid Tapping problem

    I think all the factory test programs are coded to run in format 1 only.
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    Coolant mix guide: brands and practices (asking if it exists, not offering advice)

    Most coolant distributors will give you a 5 gallon test pail. My choice for milling mixed materials using tap water is Blaser 2000 universal.
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    Hot melt glue a conglomerate of nuts, sunflower seeds, dog and cat food to the trigger. Need have options for the picky ones.
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    Comparing Idle Power Draw of Rotary Phase Converters

    My ADX30 shows 7amps at idle with a cheap amp clamp meter it is the same on both single-phase input lines. The American Rotary specs call 3.73 amps Regardless, cost is only a few dollars max if it idles all day long and the pay back of doing anything different doesn't add up.
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    RFQ - What am I doing wrong?

    That part will change in length about .001 in. for every 10° F Most job shops like to tolerances in three digits not four, +/- .5° is common for small angles. With your tight dimensions this part is better suited for gauge shop/ tool-die shop.
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    fretting marks on toolholders, problem? how to fix?

    It looks like water corrosion not fretting to me. We torque to 45Ft LBS. no Loctite, never had one loosen up in 30 years and hundreds of tool holders. I have seen JM performance demo with a taper gauge showing deforming the small end of the taper using "standard" retention knobs. In actual use...
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    "planer" for aluminum lat bar? is that a thing?

    Feed thru double disc grinder can do any length that will fit in the shop. +/-.001 no problem and // near .000
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    Fit Callouts for Dowel Holes

    1. The greater the tolerance the better. The benefits of a wider tolerance band equals wider manufacturing options and lower scrap rate. 2. In Aerospace work I have never seen class of fit callouts, always a size and tolerance. I.E. Ø 5.05-5.15mm x 20mm deep or Ø5.05mm +.10/-.00 x 20mm deep...
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    Scrap Price Crashing?

    Just had a load picked up in So Cal 11-15-2022 (SA Recycling) Mixed Al solid .70 Mixed Al chips .55 Copper solid 3.12 Copper chips 2.54 EDM wire brass 2.20 Titanium solid 1.18 Titanium chips .67
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    Machined parts all exactly at limit of tolerance (MMC) - is there a practical reason?

    Does your drawing have GD&T on these features with an MMC tolerance modifier? It would not be the first time a machinist thought you were asking for the features to be made at MMC.
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    UNJF Thread

    Engineers make mistakes everyday, even smart ones from GE Aviation. Just to be clear AS8879 does allow for non-standard thread modifications including pitch diameter. The first requirement is that the thread callout requires UNJS (S is for Special) See page 4 of AS8879 "3.2.2 Special UNJ Thread...
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    UNJF Thread

    Page 21 of AS8879 agrees with my thread software. " NOTE: There is only one class of UNJ threads, i.e., Class 3. The choice of alternate gaging systems does not infer permission to depart from specified thread dimensions and tolerances." Just because your CAD can crap out some callout doesn't...