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  1. mathamattox

    2-Speed Motor Switch

    Normally I wouldn't bother with this but.... I remember someone was looking for a Furnas JED-4 2-speed motor switch and I just happened to see one for sale on Facebook. I think they are pretty difficult to find so if you're interested you can try to get in touch with the seller. Listing says...
  2. mathamattox

    WTB: Pexto Bead Roller 0617

    All, Looking for a Pexto model 0617 manual bead roller in good condition with all of the original parts. Thanks, Jonathan
  3. mathamattox

    How to turn/grind between centers with deliberate small eccentricity?

    I was going to suggest the same thing as eKretz. Thats how we used to machine journal bearing surfaces eccentric to existing centers.
  4. mathamattox

    Talstock dial

    I am planning to do the same thing for my 13 tailstock. I purchased a dial, its 125 mils per turn which matches the 8 TPI threads on the quill. I will have to make a new screw thats longer to accommodate the dial but it shouldn't be too difficult. I probably won't get to this project for...
  5. mathamattox

    WTB - Milwaukee 6180-20 Chop Saw

    Looking for a Milwaukee 6180-20 heavy duty abrasive chop saw in good condition. I'm not interested in the 6177 line of saws that are more common. Thanks, Jonathan
  6. mathamattox

    Small Abrasive Chop Saw - Recommendations

    The chop saw will mainly be used for materials I can't cut in the bandsaw (or don't want to) such as hard steels. I probably won't use it that often, but when I need it I want something I can rely on to work properly.
  7. mathamattox

    Small Abrasive Chop Saw - Recommendations

    All, I'm looking for a new or used abrasive chop saw that isn't too heavy and also isn't junk. Maybe that combination doesn't exist but thats why I'm asking. I need a saw that I can put on a bottom shelf when not in use, so nothing that weighs 200 lbs. I've read a few good things about...
  8. mathamattox

    Looking for 2 Speed Motor for 13" SB

    Thanks abarnsley, that's some really good information. Any opinion on max RPM a standard 13 can sustain indefinitely?
  9. mathamattox

    What do you want young engineers/designers to know?

    Young engineers need to know how to use geometric tolerancing when appropriate so that manufacturing isn't trying to guess the intent of tolerances.
  10. mathamattox

    Interesting 13"

    Hey Guys, I ended up purchasing this lathe and my ultimate plan is to remove the feed stop system and try to install on my later model 13. I believe the rod below the apron moves left or right to disengage a clutch mechanism between the QCGB and the leadscrew. Therefore it can be used to stop...
  11. mathamattox

    WTB: Wells 5M Bandsaw

    I got a few PMs about this but I think they were scams. So, still looking for a real live 5M from someone here in the USA.
  12. mathamattox

    Looking for 2 Speed Motor for 13" SB

    The last couple of threads I have started only achieve like 50% relevant posts. That's irritating. Baldor sells a 2 speed frame 145 motor for around $1000, which is pretty steep for me. Thats the list price, I think purchasing through a local motor shop could probably get a good discount. I...
  13. mathamattox

    WTB: Wells 5M Bandsaw

    All, I'm looking for a Wells model 5M horizontal bandsaw in good condition. I have an 8M in good working condition that I could possibly trade, but its a little too long to fit in my new shop. Thanks, Jonathan
  14. mathamattox

    Max Material Removal Rate

    I've owned 3 lathes so far in my life, a 9" SB, a 16" Monarch, and a 13" SB. The Monarch was difficult to make use of its fully potential for material removal. However the 9" and 13" have more limitations. So, I thought I would see what settings people have had good success with for max MRR...
  15. mathamattox

    FS: Monarch Micrometer Carriage Stop

    Sounds good, let me know if you need me to verify any dimensions on the carriage stop.
  16. mathamattox

    FS: Monarch Micrometer Carriage Stop

    Guys, I bought this micrometer carriage stop some years ago hoping it would fit my 16CY, but it didn't. It's been sitting in a box since then and I'm finally getting around to selling some stuff. I think it fits a 60/61 series but may fit 610/612 also. Probably fits 13, 16, or 18" swing...
  17. mathamattox

    FS: Royersford 21" Camelback Drill Press, NC

    Drill press is still for sale, price is now $800. Let me know if you are interested.
  18. mathamattox

    FS: Royersford 21" Camelback Drill Press, NC

    Hello All, Price has dropped to $950, let me know if you are interested. Still haven't gotten a chance to take better pictures. Thanks, Jonathan
  19. mathamattox

    FS: Royersford 21" Camelback Drill Press, NC

    Having just purchased a slightly smaller drill press I would say this is the price of a quality drill press these days. And this one comes with chucks and can be plugged into a regular outlet so the only additional cost is transportation. Most of the sub $1000 drill presses I have seen are...