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    Help identify a very large puller please.

    O T C Twin ram mod.Y999A (100 ton) has a 2-9/16" center hole and ram insert threaded 2-1/2 - 8. If those two bolts in your photo are 3/4" and spaced 5-3/4" c/c that is what will fit.
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    Polishing Stainless Flatbar

    "Tight tolerance sheets" precision ground 63rms flat , square,parallel 8896k4 Not mirror finish, but much closer starting than HR .013cupped. Sorry, I don't do links, reading from paper catalog page (official geezer status)
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    Polishing Stainless Flatbar

    " if anyone has a source" ? Have you heard of a little company called McMaster Carr ? Page 4246
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    Newall DP700 Kits

    16x36 set arrived monday...well packed and in good order. thanks petersen
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    Newall DP700 Kits

    I would have liked the 10x80 set and would like to be runner-up if moonlight does not complete the transaction. Otherwise we would like the 16x36 set (or perhaps both) shipped to 55920 petersen
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    Making a reamer

    We have done that same repair a couple of times. Bored the taper out of the damaged hole. Made a steel bushing : cylindrical O.D.; tapered bore; split down one side. Advised customer to re-tighten the draw-in bolt occasionally. petersen
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    Looking for value information Vintage Helios Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper. It is 0- 42.5"

    An old toolmaker I hired around 40yrs. ago always scoffed at my use of " that (Helios) "VERY NEAR CALIPER"
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    Stainless shaft buildup / remachining setup

    Bernie: Are your weld zones long stretches of shaft or short zones? If short. I think the cold wire tig is the right thing. We regularly do build up and re-machine on slender stainless agitator shafts from 7/8" to 1.50" dia.... short seal zones and bearing journels. We have...
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    Profile honing butted ID? Is it a thing and if so what's the process?

    This sounds like something to be done by tapering the end of a long "superior type" two stone mandrel Tennessee abrasives 800/346-6399
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    Making custom seals for an old high pressure CO2 valve?

    I have had success machining replacements for rubber sealing elements from PTFE. Round objects are easily lathe turned from bar stock. Years ago I machined PTFE vee stacks in a size I could not find. Mcmaster has now added that size to their list (9572k32) so I no longer need to make them...
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    What happened to the location requirement?

    I have taken note that on the"recent forum posts" page that comes up first, there is no clue from where or from whom the post is sent. I now have to click on each of them to see if they originate from a person or place I could previously ignore at a glance. ( I ignore a lot from the left...
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    Wanted to Buy: Crank arm, plunger, index plates & sector arms for 12" Bridgeport Rotary Table

    The above mysterious entry was my failed attempt to communicate with Joe Michaels by private message as he had suggested. I then discovered the devise called "start a conversation" and tried again. I had no idea whether I had or had not succeeded until Joe called me today on the "phone number"...
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    Sanding or grinding some 304 stainless to make it flat, how would you do it?

    Trevor: Check to see if the opening is still round. A likely way for that surface on a Surge bucket to get "out of flat" is for the bucket to be dropped or kicked and be bent out of round. If so, stretch or squeeze to improve the "roundness" then check against a flat surface and sand the...
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    Oil seals

    It is unusual to see a lip seal size that cannot be found in Dichtomatik's (800-328-2840) catalog list. However, Garlock did make a lot of unique sizes for OEMs which can no longer be found. TCM_Dichtomatik does list a couple sizes that might work for you. A metric 71x88x8TC...
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    help to identify an Oring

    That cross section looks similar to "Tri-Clover" style sanitary gaskets used throughout Dairy and food processing piping and vessels, but the "groove" you sketched does not.
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    Odd size holes in sheet metal How?

    Tapered repair reamer...Bridge reamer...pipe tap reamer... Adjustable "Critchly type" reamer
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    Looking for 5/32" Hex, Grade 5 Titanium

    which three sides ???
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    can you heat up UHMW in an oven to un-banana it?

    Years ago, I was design/building cheese cutting machinery. Needed to mill a deep pattern in the face of a platen 12"x 28"x 2". predictably ; the UHMWPE we chose warped very badly. (an inch or more over 28") My supplier was Eiler/Seely Co down in Bloomington. ( now "Activar") They...
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    Looking for 5/32" Hex, Grade 5 Titanium

    Might such a product be produced by a specialty "wire drawing" company ?? Perhaps in short run quantity... McMaster lists "cold worked" Ti hexagons 7/16" and larger. Could they help you find or source it for you ??