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    Am I not smart?

    ...just don't get sick or have on one of your machines go down for any length of time. The worst was after we bought our first CNC turning center, we ate up all our work quick, took in more to keep her busy making awesome parts quick. The machine went down, part to fix was on backorder in...
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    Employees, bosses, and owners are human beings and as such can find themselves with problems. Some can deal with problems better than others, even those that can deal with problems pretty well, can at times find themselves overwhelmed. That can come out as anger, arrogance, or quiet, lost in...
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    Rotary fixture to accommodate wide range of parts

    Before I'd invest too much time into it...try to machine a simple fixture and hold your parts in it. I'd be shocked if the parts held to your tolerances. Flipping, deflection...trying to relocate fixture on setup to repeat. I'd have to prove to myself that it would work. I think you have one of...
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    How would I cut/ hollow this part out?

    Can it be machined...yes. But just because you can does not mean you should. Being a machinist you look at items and try to figure the best way to make. That is to get the part to the required dimensions 1st and foremost. Then comes you do not want to ruin tooling, machines, or get anyone hurt...
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    Apologies in advance: TM-2P as a first CNC machine??

    Cool mist works great...kinda sorta. The problem for me is that mist is what you'll be breathing day in and day out when running. Coolant has its mist issues as well...at times. As to being stuck in 1985 running 6k spindle. Nope, don't worry about it unless engraving or small detail work IS...
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    Apologies in advance: TM-2P as a first CNC machine??

    I use my probeless CNC as a CMM, just a bit slower. Then again I reverse engineer once every few months. Watch Haas tips of the day to get a feel of what may be a nice idea to get, what you could really use, and what is a must-have. Me, I run parts, simple gauges and calipers are great for...
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    Apologies in advance: TM-2P as a first CNC machine??

    I'd spend the money on tooling and part holding. Haas is so simple to setup I'd get the basics and run with them. Next machine IF you see a need, you buy then. My .02 Unless your seeing yourself probing a whole lot. For me...I'd use it rarely with my work. My Work being key
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    Apologies in advance: TM-2P as a first CNC machine??

    Yea, sorta kinda... Manual and CNC are different animals. You'll learn that quick when you start climb milling your work instead of conventional milling it. The cutter pulls its way through the work...easier on the cutter, the spindle and the motor and the part. For this reason you can take...
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    Apologies in advance: TM-2P as a first CNC machine??

    Haas machines don't use half the power they call for and unless running the 7.5 balls out you're not using all that much there either. But I'm not an electrician...just had mine run some checks when I had to run the entire shop off a generator. Also had someone screw up an I was running my...
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    Any good alternatives to Haas Office mill ??

    The problem is we are considering a "Haas" to be the Heavy Duty, Powerful, Rigid machine and accurate. I have Haas, I love Haas, but they are anything but Heavy Duty, Powerful or a Rigid machine, they are however fairly accurate used as they are built to be used.
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    CAM vs Hand Coding

    I read the 1st one or two post and jumped here...so hopefully, this is not is being repeated. Why know G-Code if you can get it done with CAM. My GIBS CAM was working flawlessly till they upgraded the software. The new software needed new Posts. The new Posts gave fairly good G-Code for...
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    Changes to the MSC site?

    I was ordering items at least once a week with MSC, then they wanted me to order online...AKA- phone support became slow and lousy. I'd whittle my way through the options and find what I needed most of the time. Then slowly they "improved" the site to the point is just a pain in the royal arse...
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    Something is isn’t right or is this normal

    really wanna drive yourself nuts...put the indicator onthe back jaw of your vice and clamp the part and watch it move. As to touching the cabinet...make sure all the supports are down and machine is level with all feet having pressure.
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    What are things about a Desktop CNC Machine you would like to see?

    Sounds like the new hire that on the first day knows exactly how to change everything to make it work better. Never mind the fact that what is in place works with the test of time behind it. ...not saying fresh eyes and ideas should be dismissed. However, see how things work and function...
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    Advice on Starting CNC Support Business

    Having machines other than Haas I know where you are coming from. Been down the path when local dealer puts their hands up and says gotta call the factory. Call the factory and they say call the dealer. After a few roundsof that game it's go out and figure it out on your own. Soon you have a...
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    Advice on Starting CNC Support Business

    I hear what your saying and looked at your website. From your website I haven't a clue as to what you could do for me. Having multiple CNC's I wonder how or why I'd put you in my Address book...and under what catagory, may be able to reverse engineer an unobtainable part? I have contact...
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    My Mini Mill is too small my tool crashed into my part! Any way around this?

    Seems we might be waiting a LONG time for any acknowledgement.
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    My Mini Mill is too small my tool crashed into my part! Any way around this?

    I know on the lathes they have a safe place to tool change, not recalling seeing that on the Mills...aside from a setting in my CAM software. I used to run a job with extremly long boring bars and the piece being machined had the zero over the Machines zero. What I would do is Manually add a...
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    Cat40 Advice (&more) for a dumb guy

    ER-32 can hold small tooling with small collets as well as larger tooling. Smaller collets like ER-16 Can hold smaller tooling only. Starting out on a limited budget without specific needs its best to be versatile. As jobs come up you'll soon see the larger ER-32 holders are big and tough...
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    New (to me) Machine day

    Looking good! Go make chips, lots of glorious chips... ...your tight though...new machine day is like waiting for Santa when you were a kid.