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  1. norb

    1/8-27 npt size help

    Finnished the parts, they came out great but I had to use my gages to fine tune as my figuring of the taper diameter sizes was ballpark. I wish there were a chart giving the Large end of the taper diameter similar to a drill size chart for tap drills.
  2. norb

    1/8-27 npt size help

    I did buy actual thread gages ,external and internal. The .346 diameter appears to be at the small end. I drew the taper in my cadcam and it appears the larger diameter is .362 Thanks for the replies. I have carmex lay down thread topper inserts so I guess I will leave the taper a little heavy...
  3. norb

    1/8-27 npt size help

    Can anyone tell me the minor diameter of a female 1/8-27 npt thread at the large end of the taper where the flat on the gage is. I have to bore and single point thread a bunch of parts so I would like to know the diameter to taper bore them to at the large end. I found all the other parameters...
  4. norb

    oil for napomar hydraulic surface grinder

    I just changed the oil in a CNC lathe. Manufacture recommends HL 32. Mobile equivalent was Nutro H 32. This is a premium anti wear hydraulic oil. Paid about $200.00 for 8 gallons at Brenntag Lubricants.
  5. norb

    Best used precision surface grinders that are rebuildable/repairable?

    I have three surface grinders. Two Gardners (6 x 18, 10 x 15, both roller ways) One larger grand rapids (10 x 30, regular ways). My favorite is the 10 x 15 Gardner with a 12 inch wheel, the other one has a 7 inch wheel. All three are great grinders but all have been rebuilt. I think if you buy a...
  6. norb

    Modern Vise Options for VMC

    I have two Chick one lock vises. These are the best vises I have ever used. I also have an Allmatic which is also nice because it is hydraulic and provides constant pressure for repeatable precision.
  7. norb

    Sperm Whale Oil

    Not to be offensive but this is one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard. Just by some Starrett M1 oil.
  8. norb

    Pricing for a simple job?

    I would charge time and material. To repair I would just drill the hole out and install a helicoil. I would not be too concerned with being competitive as no shop wants to bother with this kind of job unless it is for a good customer or a potential good customer.
  9. norb

    Fadal 3016 fx

    I have a 3016 Mag Fadal. I bought it new in 2009. It has been a very reliable and accurate machine. I have the Fanuc control on it, box ways. I Had to shim the column and do a laser calibration when I first got it. After that it has ran perfectly ever since. It has the high torque spindle and a...
  10. norb

    Why are pink granite surface plates far less common than black & grey?

    A guy that resurfaced plates told me Herman was the best and that the place they quarried them ran out of that particular vein of granite. The Herman was a brownish color and was super smooth. I have a 3 X 5 Starrett and it is pink not brownish like the Herman. If I remember correctly, I believe...
  11. norb

    Speedio Alarm - Control Power Shortage

    Check your incoming power into the building. Voltage can vary especially in the summer when the weather gets hot and all the air conditioners are on. Just because it is supposed to be 240V does not necessarily mean that is is.
  12. norb

    Shaving cream for cutting and threading lube

    I use tapping fluid for shaving
  13. norb

    Whatever happened to the Fadal thread?

    I also would like a Fadal forum. I bought mine new in 2009 with a Fanuc Oi-mc control. This machine has never given me a problem and has done nothing but make money and precise parts.
  14. norb

    Form Tools, Counterbore. Screw Machine (Pics!!!)

    It depends on the edm machine. I cut tons of carbide dies on my old Agie AC 50. It produces a very small recast or white layer. If you go to shops that cut a lot of carbide you will find these old Agie's running.
  15. norb

    Instructor approves cutting steel at 2000sfm

    Your instructor is an idiot.
  16. norb

    It's time for another Mastercam rant

    PEPS was built for edm right from the start, not some add on to somebody's milling software. I have been using it for many years and it has put out bulletproof code for my Agie and Agievision machines. I have had the opportunity to use other programs and find PEPS far superior and easier to use...
  17. norb

    It's time for another Mastercam rant

    You should have spent your money on PEPS edm software. None better for wire edm.
  18. norb

    Qualchem 250 splitting......I need an alternative.

    I agree, the Trim 585 XT is awesome coolant.
  19. norb

    soo, i call haas for parts.............

    If I buy a used machine, I always call the manufacturer with the serial number to make sure parts and support are available and the machine is not a "grey market" machine.
  20. norb

    Haas ST30-Y/DS30-Y Lathe Multiple Misalignments and NO CRASHES

    Does this machine have taper pins to prevent the misalignment?