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    ACMI Bore Scopes F/S

    What is the diameter of the scope?
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    RFQ - Mild Steel Hydraulic Bushing 75mm OD / 62mm ID / 50mm Width

    We are in Biloxi Mississippi and can get this knocked out quickly. Hughes Services 228 238 1611
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    Cut and roll AR plate? Anybody interested?

    Pm sent we work with hardox alot please email [email protected]
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    How would you make these small blades?

    As most blades I would cut with CNC mill and rough out the angles on the mill. I use a 4 axis mill for this. Then I would heat treat them. Finally grind them into final shape on a knife grinder. Setting up a surface grinder would take longer to get the angels and everything set properly for...
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    Need Key for electrical cabinet door on Mori Seiki ZL15m

    This is an old thread. But just fyi. They sent out a few old keys for free. One of them fit. Yes a locksmith could open it. I could drill it. I ended up picking the lock so I could work on it till I got the key..
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    Bronze C932 660 drops about 9.1" od x 7.3 id

    I have a lot of bronze pieces thought someone may be able to use. Taking it for scrap next week. The longest pieces are 3.5" but more about 3 -3/8“ long and about 50 pieces shorter down to about an inch. Cost about $95 per inch Selling $50 an inch and can provide cert. Please email...
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    SNR Basic Probe

    Got emails from 2 people asking about service provided with SNR and Stefan Rubin. So figured I would reply here. Yes money was refunded. I bought the probing macros from him about a year ago and never used it. When I tried it we had numerous problems. We worked on it for a few weeks and got it...
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    Allen drill press parts

    I have a large Allen drill press I am getting rid of. The gear in the head went out. If anyone wants want spanked parts off of it let me know. I'm taking it to scrap in a few days. I will have allot of older machines coming up for sale soon. Just bought out an old machine shop it includes some...
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    Thread mics -fish tails-centers -parallels V blocks

    I'll take the thread mics. Assuming they are English measuring units. I tried to PM but it wont go through. Please meail me hughesservices usa at gmail Ill take these assuming they are english units and shipping is reasonable.
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    SNR Basic Probe

    Fine. I'm not sure why you are upset or won't respond to my emails. The only reason I posted here is because I could not get in touch with you after emailing you both from my personal account and business email accounts. I did not do it out of malice. I had no other way to contact you. I...
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    SNR Basic Probe

    I sent emails both from my private email and work email on 22 July. One is Yahoo and the other is Gmail. Have you received my emails? I can't send PM in here for some reason. I have no other way to contact you. If you are getting my email we could possibly finish setting this machine up...
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    SNR Basic Probe

    I am not trying to embarrass your or anything of the sort. I have just not been able to reach you. I was just trying to re- establish communications. I have checked both my email spam folders as well. Please contact me at either hug[email protected] or [email protected]. I tried...
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    SNR Basic Probe

    Has anyone heard from member Probe Stefan Rubin. I haven't been able to get in touch with him for about a week. I bought SNR plus from him for Yasnac control and am having trouble getting it up and operating.
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    Wanted step up transformer

    I have one in Biloxi MS its larger than you need I think 35kva it is a Mitsubishi multi tap so you can vary the voltage. I sent you a PM with my email and phone number.
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    PARTING OUT 2001 Makino a55e HMC ...

    I used to work for Makino as a field service engineer. You would be surprised at what they do to sell a new machine or have one taken out of service. Makino has changed recently. I would look at other sources for the parts and service.
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    Need Key for electrical cabinet door on Mori Seiki ZL15m

    Well I can easily break the lock. I just am just thinking of keeping the machine original. It is in excellent shape for its age. If I didn't know better I would think this was a new machine. Why destroy something if I can find a way to fix it right. I was told the keys are the same on all the...
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    Need Key for electrical cabinet door on Mori Seiki ZL15m

    As post states I need a key for the electrical cabinet doors on a 1993 ZL-15m. I am assuming all keys are the same for Mori. I prefer not to cut it off. They shipped the machine with the keys in the locks apparently and these fell out. I contacted Mori last week and am still waiting to hear...
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    I will be selling an Integrex with KM63 spindle. Whatever the buyer does not want I will put up for sale.
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    If I remember correctly call it by the letter designation a-z the letter is the next 2 numbers for example A=01, b=02 and so on and henceforth.
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    Mori MV-40B i80 Control

    Mori would be best but not sure if they would have parameters. I have never had any dealings with them. I have Yasakawa manuals but it would take a long time to go through each parameter unless you know how to set it up. If your lucky someone may have parameters saved from a similar machine.