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  1. metal-ica

    Well crap - I am ordering a SawStop tomorrow. (Mildly graphic pictures)

    Send some pics of the new hand. Will you recover 100% ?
  2. metal-ica

    Potential buyer not interested in customer base...

    I think you'd sell the whole company, tax id and all. The customers would be none the wiser and the new owner would slide right in servicing them. The sales contract would have a non-compete clause for those specific customers or industry. The original poster makes it sound like this is more...
  3. metal-ica

    Potential buyer not interested in customer base...

    I have to push back a little bit. The customer list has a lot of value. Anyone can drop some machines in a rented space but getting high end customers that feed repeat work year after year is the hard part. I'm not talking about Joe-farmer down the street needing a $2,000 repair job. I have...
  4. metal-ica

    Is work going down because we are in a recession?

    Semiconductor shops in the bay area area are slow. I'm busy through the end of the year but it feels funny....trying to shore up my balance sheet to weather any headwinds.
  5. metal-ica

    Will a 900 RPM motor make a relatively quiet phase converter?

    Can you put it outside? I lived with a compressor in my shop for ages. When we moved shops and put it outside it increased quality of life 10-fold.
  6. metal-ica

    Boss says new Haas get that Haas ordered before friday

    I wager the warden will make a good return on his investment.
  7. metal-ica

    Anybody Here Buy the K&T #5 Vertical from OSU Surplus Today?

    Is your real name Doozer?
  8. metal-ica

    Potential New machine

    I think the founder used to sell a machine called a Comet in the early 90's. He then started branding and marketing this machine in Silicon Valley and installed a lot of them. I know a shop that still has 3 from the 90's and early 2000's and they're working everyday. I have a V4, 2015 vintage...
  9. metal-ica

    HAAS grease reservoir re-fill

    Yes, it's total bullshit. I bought two DT2's at the same time - serial numbers are sequential. All of a sudden both machines are throwing a residual pressure alarm. Haas previously converted from the red grease to a tan grease. Then we had to do the conversion to oil. Supposedly, they purged...
  10. metal-ica

    Minimizing shop overhead as a business strategy?

    In the late 80's we were paying 7+% in workers comp. We had a guy have a rotator cuff "injury" he blamed on pulling the Bridgeport quill a day after my dad told him to start looking for a new job. He got a full paycheck for 20 years until he turned 65. They've since had several reforms and...
  11. metal-ica

    Rant: Customers don't follow their own tolerances

    I was referring to tapped holes. I almost exclusively use form taps because of the material I'm cutting. As Boosted mentioned, it's harder to f-up when using cut taps.
  12. metal-ica

    Minimizing shop overhead as a business strategy?

    What specific California regulation is so knee-buckling that you can't hire an employee? Wages are high, energy is high and rent is high. It's not an easy place to be competitive but I've been running my own place with 6 employees since 2004 and I don't see any over-burdensome regulation that...
  13. metal-ica

    Measuring Energy Consumption of Furnace

    We use a furnace to anneal our parts and I want to calculate how much electricity is costing me. The typical routine is a 2 hour ramp to 1100 deg. C. Hold at temp for 5 hours followed by a cooling off ramp of 13 hours. 20 hour cycle. Heating and holding at the highest temperature is...
  14. metal-ica

    Haas helping the Russians?

    Trust me...I've never quoted Tucker. I live in the bay area and would be considered a flaming liberal by most on this forum while my neighbors think I'm conservative. It's just odd that pbs would have a Ukrainian on making these accusations and totally leave out the rebuttal from HAAS. Then...
  15. metal-ica

    Haas helping the Russians?

    I used to think PBS was reputable....not any more. "On March 3, 2022, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Haas Automation terminated, in its entirety, its relationship with its sole existing independent distributor for Russia and Belarus, Abamet Management. Since that date, Haas has...
  16. metal-ica

    Has anyone tried "Piece Work" to pay employees?

    Unless you have guys making the same part on the same machine year-in and year-out I don't see how to implement this very easily. Had a neighbor in the 80's with a small shop...a two man operation. The owner and machinist would work up a quote...I think the ratio was 50/50. The machinist...
  17. metal-ica

    Quickbooks turns into ransomware, what Accounting software are you using ?

    I've been using AccountEdge for 20+ years. (formerly myob) They've been ok ... but too, are moving to a subscription model next year.
  18. metal-ica

    Rant: Customers don't follow their own tolerances

    When I started doing this in the 90's I messed up a run of parts for minor diameter being out of spec. I was a rookie and admittedly didn't inspect that. Now all my thread gage drawers have an accompanying no-go pin to make sure minor dia is not oversized for spot checking. We record actual...
  19. metal-ica

    Payment terms changed.....to 120 days??

    I dug my heels in with a long time customer who had previously bumped me from 30 to 45 and wanted to go to 90. The buyer I'd been dealing with for 10 years was playing hardball. I sent an email that said it was nice doing business while it lasted and best wishes with his future. A week later...
  20. metal-ica

    ISO by the foot metal supplier in Bay Area

    Naylor Steel in Hayward ?