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  1. Mechanola

    Best engineering screw ups

    The shaft the winding crank threads into of the Paillard-Bolex H camera has to absorb the excess energy users put in when winding the mainspring. Each time they reach the stop the crank socket is pound onto the shaft’s straight end. By the time the end material around the thread gets lifted. The...
  2. Mechanola

    First time cutting a thread by hand: outcome oddity

    Just a sidenote, the concept of coarse, fine, and extra fine does not exist with metric threads. There are regular and fine threads. Without further specification you always have the regular thread such as M 6. A space is left between the M and the number.
  3. Mechanola

    Drilled Hole - spiral wall finish issues

    Here’s how I have learnt it. Spot drill with a 120 degrees two-flutes bit to chamfer OD, oil on tool Drill with a 118 degrees two-flutes bit, HSS at 60 sfm max., oil on tool Flat sink bottom, if necessary, oil Give chamfer on opposite side, if necessary Bore out with three-flutes tool to...
  4. Mechanola

    Interrupted cut turning issues

    Simple, use HSS tool.
  5. Mechanola

    Odd Surface Finish while Facing (Engine Lathe)

    The biggest secret of a machinist is that he can always slow down. Find the highest speed and feed at which the work comes out satisfactorily. It doesn’t matter whether you start fast or slow. Once you have the data you can calculate new chip cross sections. If it never improves, it’s the setup...
  6. Mechanola

    How to measure circular runout of an internal thread?

    Obviously an incomprehension of that thread’s purpose. It’s a fastening thread. If they want to use it as a thread for moving parts (longitudinally), teach them that the tolerances on major, pitch, and minor diameter don’t correspond to their idea. One moving thread is the square or flat thread.
  7. Mechanola

    Wire EDM of long parts

    Does the contour justify the process? Can the profile be accomplished by other methods? Wire EDM is there predominantly for hard stuff. I know that parts have become overcomplicated. Sometimes a broach is appropriate. Reduces 8 hours to 8 seconds.
  8. Mechanola

    Struggle Finding New Employees.

    What drives me away from a job ad is the lack of transparency. I am looking for an engagement but the people who formulate 20 to 30 lines are incapable or unwilling to write down what the work consists of. You need to publish precisely, be it even . . . for example. In case a job description...
  9. Mechanola

    Tapping versus Thread Milling

    Find best speed for discontinuous chips. Makers of taps generally supply tables with the data. Through coolant is less important than appropriate formation of chips. Generally everybody tends to cut threads too fast.
  10. Mechanola

    Hilger & Watts TA51-2 autocollimator

    Vertical, ahm, let me see how I can explain that, the main tube perpendicular to the work bench and above it so that I can peep in sitting on a chair?
  11. Mechanola

    Hilger & Watts TA51-2 autocollimator

    Ja, Äsch ist südlich von Basel. I see what you mean with the ocular. The difference between the models is unknown to me. Be a little patient and start to use your instrument. You’ll learn about it. I always wanted to use mine vertically but still don’t have a corresponding setup.
  12. Mechanola

    Hilger & Watts TA51-2 autocollimator

    I have the same model. You can turn the instrument in its fixture after loosening the two knurled screws you see on top. No concerns about glueing a mirror, if you use a mild shoe-sole glue instead of epoxy. I have already employed slip gauges for mirroring in tight places like exposure...
  13. Mechanola

    Tapping versus Thread Milling

    You are right.
  14. Mechanola

    Long Length Endmills

    I hate endmills. And aluminium Flip the parts in a smart fixture and use a large facing head.
  15. Mechanola

    Tapping versus Thread Milling

    With milling threads can be rotationally oriented. Just saying
  16. Mechanola

    flatness measuring help

    The rings are typical lapping parts. No worries, if you have a lapping machine or know someone who is into lapping. 200 can be worked on together. Parallel and to measure within 50 millionths of an inch
  17. Mechanola

    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    That’s where it ended for me. I’m a mechanic, not a programmer.
  18. Mechanola

    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    I had found it BS as well. What would you have said or done in that situation? The program run hundreds of times faultlessly. It happened each time after a single-block run back in continuous mode. Enigma
  19. Mechanola

    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    It is too short, it lacks the semicolons that close every block. Entailed automatically nowadays. Of course are you right that numerals aren’t necessary for the functioning of a CNC setup. I say should in view of help to the problem posted. I am certain that controls take a little time only to...
  20. Mechanola

    Tool change M6 problem Fanuc OM

    I wrote experience, not strategy. I have learnt ISO programming in this country from the base up, the N belongs to each and every block. Admittedly, I had to use older FANUC controls, some from the 1980s.