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    New shop building. 3 phase or single phase option?

    What kind of conductors and panel(s) were used for your 400 amp service? I’ve only seen 400A 1ph service done once and in that install the electrician opted to use 2 parallel runs of 200A ea and 2 200A panels. I will need to upgrade my shop electrical service at some point to handle a 40hp RPC.
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    Bearing Issue...Never Seen This Before...

    That looks like a machine tool chatter pattern . . . ??
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    OT: Freak Storm in Conroe, TX

    That isn’t a lot of comfort as I have seen too many pictures of 15,000lb + farm tractors from the KS/OK part of the world that were tumbled like empty trash cans and utterly destroyed.
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    Manual Mill end mills

    Keep an eye on the tooling and accessories For Sale section of this forum. Every now and then a grab bag of tooling comes for sale. I am pretty well set for my manual vertical mill after a few purchases from there. I would recommend both HSS and carbide end mills. Each has a place. Anymore...
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    How Do You Calculate Burden Rate?

    Known as “fixed costs” in business class. Costs that have to paid paid even with zero production. Mortgage on the shop building would be an example. “Variable costs” are expenses that vary directly with production output. Say your finished product is made of 6061 bar stock. That would be a...
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    Honing carbide

    In a former life I used carbide inserts on an otherwise soft material that would have sand embedded in it. It was appalling how fast the carbide would lose its sharp edge from the sand. For that small a bore change I wouldn’t be surprised a standard abrasive would do the job.
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    WTB Clipper lacing size 4.5 just enough for a 2" belt

    These will be about as reasonably priced from a retailer as you will find. I will look if I have an orphan card of #4-1/2 Clippers. https://www.shoupparts.com/products/mowers-balers-rakes/baler-belt-repair/clipper-hooks/ Edit to add. I don’t have any orphan cards of Clippers. Unfortunately...
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    Rubber covered machine roller source

    Sioux Rubber and Urethane should be able to do that. In Sioux City IA.
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    Toolmaster 1D Generic machinist question.

    @rgsheehan This video may contain the removal of the draw bar but I’m not sure. If nothing else it will get you into the Toolmaster rebuild videos.
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    Toolmaster 1D Generic machinist question.

    @rgsheehan I can’t help you with 1-D drawbar removal; however I’m sure Steve Watkins had the drawbar out of the 1-D that he fixed up. I would think he has the removal of it covered in one of his videos on that project. He is under “Steve Watkins at work” on youtube. NMTB40 differs from...
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    Cincinnati Hypro planer

    The intention is to put a milling head on this planer -- possibly a grinding head also. But the way this planer is set up it should be quite easy to retain the ability to do standard planer work with it also. I had a specific milling operation in mind going into this deal.
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    Cincinnati Hypro planer

    Just a short note. I did buy this planer. Dismantled it enough that we could get it out of the building it was in and on a step deck semi trailer. Trucker said the net weight was right around 38,000 lbs. I figure the machine proper weighs around 34,000 or a little less.
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    Toolmaster 1D Generic machinist question.

    My mill head is rather noisy as well. Someday I need to tear it all apart and fix what needs fixing. Steve Watkins (Steve Watkins at work) has a number of good videos on youtube of repair work he did on a Toolmaster 1-D.
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    WTB NMTB40 shank for Enco boring head

    I would surmise that is because yours looks to be a Gamet/Enco made in France unit and mine I’m pretty sure is an Asian made Enco; mine does not say Made in France.
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    filtration of hydraulic oils

    The hydraulic systems that I am familiar with use a charge pump to serve the main pump. Charge pump pressures are typically above 25 psi but below 100 psi. The system filter is in this portion of the circuit and provides 100% filtration of oil going into the main pump unless the filter is...
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    Kalamazoo Bandsaw

    That’s a 9 x 16 saw unless I am badly mistaken. I have it’s twin. Nice simple solid saw. That price is really reasonable for a good working saw.
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    Toolmaster 1D Generic machinist question.

    Make sure the permanent auto disengages for the power feed are present. If they are there, I don’t think there is much to worry about in the feed box. I have a 1-D with X power feed and it works fine. Leaks oil, but that is it. Seems quill power feed is more prone to failures.
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    WTB NMTB40 shank for Enco boring head

    The thread on my Enco shank is .9375 x 12 tpi as mentioned above.
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    WTB NMTB40 shank for Enco boring head

    @TorontoBuilder I still have the R-8 shank. I would still very much like to trade the R-8 for an NMTB40. My boring head is different so the question is are the threads the same
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    Cincinnati Hypro planer

    Photo album link doesn’t work for me.