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  1. Jaxian

    Spindle rotation direction opposite to carriage lever on new lathe.can this be right?

    From the records I got from Monarch this machine was originally purchased in early 1962 and delivered in May of 1962. It was delivered to Kaiser Aircraft and Electronics in San Leandro. I have attached the original invoice Monarch gave me. It was sold in 1997 at an auction to the guy I bought it...
  2. Jaxian

    Spindle rotation direction opposite to carriage lever on new lathe.can this be right?

    Well, my old lathe can complicate things a bit. It's 1962 Monarch Series 62 Preselector Dyna-Shift. Down on the lever is engage clutch/run. Up on the lever is brake/shift. If you want to change directions you have to brake to a stop then click a button to change to a different direction. If you...
  3. Jaxian

    where to download webmachinist app on computer???

    Yeah, it seems someone bought it. Then for like 6 months I got all kinds of scammy sounding get rich quick upgrade now emails and messages on the app splash screen. The original guy who made it never did that. Then all the sudden the splash screen showed gibberish a year plus ago. I assume it's...
  4. Jaxian

    MSC engine lathe recommendations

    Yeah, surprised at that to be honest. This is inside the headstock of my Monarch Series 62. The bull gear is over 2" wide and about 14"+ in diameter. That shot is after 60 years of continuous use. Looks like new.
  5. Jaxian

    Tools to Make Gears on 3+1-Axis Mill or Live Tool Lathe

    Is this the kind of thing you were talking about as too expensive? They are but I think they are the only way to really get a good gear on a live tool lathe. I guess you could just use a stub arbor and a involute gear cutter but I have never tried it on a lathe.
  6. Jaxian

    Chuck Boring Rings ... or ???

    I use the US Shop Tools one also. Works great on my 12" Samchully. Also no clue on origin. One very important thing to add. You MUST turn down the chuck pressure. I left min at like 350psi cause I was a bit overwhelmed doing it all the first time. The USShopTools ones are hardened and they will...
  7. Jaxian

    Ellison Rant.......can't deliver on getting a new lathe up and running.

    It was almost 5 years ago but all I did was talk to Doosan's application engineer (Wingnut) and the ball was put in motion. They CC'ed me and Ellison on all the interactions to get a solution then moved it to Ellison to do the software update. Took the guy very little time and made me VERY...
  8. Jaxian

    Ellison Rant.......can't deliver on getting a new lathe up and running.

    When I bought my DNM5700 it was onsite here in January 2017 (fully paid off now :D) got it setup and calibrated and accessories installed within about a week. The issue for me then was that it had a air curtain for the spindle that ran non stop anytime the machine was powered on. I had a...
  9. Jaxian

    Video of large planer mill with pushbrooms on fire

    I remember this video clearly. I can't find it anywhere in my links. It was an Ingersoll. If I do I will link it.
  10. Jaxian

    Bridgeport impeccably maintained for sale.

    Well they are resized in Microsoft Paint from 5000 x XXXX to 1440 x fit on the message board so it destroyed the resolution that is why I mentioned it. I meant look at the color treatment and such. They look vastly better unmodified of course. I do realize that posting them here would ruin the...
  11. Jaxian

    Bridgeport impeccably maintained for sale.

    I saw a YouTube video from I think Business Insider on why the Hassleblad digital were much better than other DSLR. Was very interesting. I think the same thing applies to cell phone cameras. You folks are all talking like they are all the same in quality of image. They are VASTLY different...
  12. Jaxian

    I need a DRO for my L&S lathe

    I have heard too many bad things about DRO Pros and the quality of the parts. Apparently a great company but they just use whatever they can get cheap. Different parts in every generation. For cheap I use Jenix from LMSC in Anaheim. Korean with glass scales, metal clad cables, cast aluminum...
  13. Jaxian

    Tida TD-1440E Lathe

    I had a TD-6B as a starter lathe. It was a 14.5" x 40" and a 1984 model. It was like 3400lbs and was very nicely made and very accurate. I assume they got worse as the years went on. 6hp, 2k rpm max, sat in a corner after I got my 10EE unless the job wouldn't fit. Sold it a year ago for $6500...
  14. Jaxian

    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    Mine was early 2017. Not surprised the kit was so much more considering how nice it was and what prices have done in the intervening time. Doosan doesn't hate me, Ellison does. Doosan has been awesome. Ellison had the rigger measure a 30 tool machine. I spent thousands having all the doorways...
  15. Jaxian

    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    I bought the coolant wash-down gun when I bought my DNM5700. It is a standalone system. I has it's own pump that sits in the spot next to the flood coolant pump. The line and gun on mine were WAY nicer than any do it yourself junk. Mine was $1400 so by the time you bought parts of the same...
  16. Jaxian

    FS: Spindle reducing sleeve B&S 18 to 5MT

    Could it be Jarno? My headstock is Jarno 18
  17. Jaxian

    Need help with 10EE lubrication

    Yeah, I was about to order that then I went to Mobil's website and they were very specific in the description that that was hydraulic oil and not gearbox oil. Then they went on to describe the DTE Light as the correct stuff for that application. I saw this thread and what Cal said and that...
  18. Jaxian

    My machine shop burned down

    I do not see the photos. I am now wondering if I somehow have some setting wrong in the new forum software? Are they still in the first post?
  19. Jaxian

    Need help with 10EE lubrication

    I hate to dredge up this old thread as it had arrived at the correct conclusion of DTE Oil Light for the headstock of a 10EE. I totally am on board with that. The issue is they only sell it in 5 gal pails now that I can find at at $200 plus tax and shipping that is a bit much for only needing...
  20. Jaxian

    Why do people buy massive lathes for their home shop?

    Oh, I feel ya.. This is the 2 speed on my Monarch Series 62 25". Full size needle nose pliers for scale. I can't even slide it myself on smooth ways with plenty of oil.