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  1. tim9lives

    Another one gone, SKF Bearing In Avon, Ohio

    I'll second that. They get some fool as a CEO who doesn't even know what a bearing is to run the company. Sure, the guy successfully might have run some other company. Maybe he was a Venture Capitalist who made a fortune for his shareholders. Anyway, its a recipe for disaster when fools like...
  2. tim9lives

    Can my SB Heavy 10 cut left hand threads?

    It’s been a couple years…but I did it on my 9” SB. I’m pretty sure Mr Pete on YouTube has a very detailed video on cutting left hand threads on a South Bend lathe.
  3. tim9lives

    Is it mechanically possible for a Sig Sauer P320 to discharge without the trigger being pulled?

    All guns are loaded and don't point a gun at something you don't want to shoot.
  4. tim9lives

    Tool and Die shop for sale Fremont CA

    Its easier to just go to any casino if you want to launder money these days.
  5. tim9lives

    Why do people buy massive lathes for their home shop?

    Beggars can't be choosey. You snatch up what shows up on Craigslist in my part of the country. You guys in California and the East coast are spoiled.
  6. tim9lives

    My Dads Shop- advice for liquidating

    Sounds like your dad owns the building and you’re not under the gun with going into Probate. You can spend a little effort and time and get a much better price. That said, if money is of no issue, then you can be done with it licked-ly split. Personally, I think I’d take a stab on EBay. If...
  7. tim9lives

    Grinding Stuff

    Yeah, I’m not surprised it’s no longer around. Thanks for replying.
  8. tim9lives

    Grinding Stuff

    Can you email me a picture of the spindle. I have an old Parker Majestic that’s 3” diameter and a rear mounted motor. Mine is an old plain bearing that’s leaking oil pretty bad so I’m looking for an upgrade. A picture and some overall length specs would help me. Thanks. - Tim
  9. tim9lives

    FS Machinery Manuals & Brochures

    Parker-Majestic No. 2 Surface Grinder Parts Catalog, brochure and other misc. info. $20 I’m interested in the above PM no 2 manual if you still have it. Give me a total for mailing it to 70122 zip Thanks-Tim
  10. tim9lives

    Free machinery in el cerrito, california

    Without reading through all these since no way am I getting to California… The third machine is a Burke Millrite MV milling machine. Build date is 1963. Good hobby knee mill.
  11. tim9lives

    Intact Gauge/indicator shop Waltham,MA - interest in the machines

    Just an amazing blast from the past. Another Episode of the Twighlight Zone. I’m waiting for Rod Serling to be standing in a doorway with a lit cigarette in his hand.
  12. tim9lives

    How to know when its time to move on

    Money was never the issue with me. It got down to too many thieves in the shop steeling my tools which finally pissed me off. I actually liked my last job. I can’t stand thieves. The real good private businesses which are run by men and woman who realize that they would have never have been...
  13. tim9lives

    Nothing to do with me but here is a free shaper

    Yep…I remember that well Kevin. Those were wild times from scrap on up. Natural resources were through the roof.
  14. tim9lives

    Pratt Whitney Jig Bore

    Saw this on Houston Craigslist Pratt Whitney 3b under power and he can load on a trailer…..all for 4K Man that’s a steal. What a beautiful beast. machine shop jig bore mill - tools - by owner - sale Damn…it was even rebuilt in 1992
  15. tim9lives

    100,000 UK Covid 19 Deaths

    Autism is nothing new. What’s somewhat “new” is its name… Autism. The fact of the matter is that biology and nature favors that the young procreate. Unfortunately, in the last 3 decades we have seen women in their late 30’s and 40’s have children. And the fact of the matter is that over...
  16. tim9lives

    Retirement Day

    I totally agree with all of the above. But to add to that I firmly believe leaded gasoline was a major factor of early deaths in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. America alone was adding lead to gasoline from the 1920’s to the phase out in the 1980’s It’s estimated that America alone added 7...
  17. tim9lives

    Surface grinders for sale Blanchard, and Parker Majestic

    Just wanted to thank you John for the SG. I’ve been busy the last few days just getting it out of the truck and into my workshop. Anyway… all is good Thanks again.
  18. tim9lives

    Surface grinders for sale Blanchard, and Parker Majestic

    Your in box is full CJMaster. Tried to PM you with my phone # From what I can tell it should be about a 1600# I shouldn't have any trouble getting that in my truck.... if its available please let me know if Kevin passes on the grinder. Thanks again.
  19. tim9lives

    Surface grinders for sale Blanchard, and Parker Majestic

    CJ, Im interested in the Parker 6 x 18 I'm New Orleans and have been looking for a grinder. Please let me know. I can make that drive easily. Thanks Tim Craven
  20. tim9lives

    Lodge Shipley Powerturn - Baton Rouge

    Yes...a very sweet machine. Lodge and Shipley had a good rep as being top notch machines. And that's a "late model" version. Really up there with the best. I hope it goes well for you Akajun. Normally I wouldn't have posted a Craigslist on PM but I was actually hoping someone local would see...