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    FS - Optima drill sharpener, Jones Shipman surface grinder, Moore rotary table...more

    Yeah, it's cool that the head and table locks and the raise/lower screw are on the front, using the same wrench for both lock and raise. Plus the table itself is much beefier than a typical Alzmetall or Ibarmia table. Not sure of drill depth, will check. And FWIW, the Holy Grail of Optima...
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    Looking for an Experienced CNC 5-Axis Mill Operator (Week Days) to Join our Team!

    Hi @amanda.white We encourage you to use the Practical Machinist job board to provide your job posting the ideal visibility for the right job seeker. Please visit our site or email us at [email protected] for more information. Thanks,
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    Moving VMC with skates- Preferred methods?

    Skates and electric pallet jack as tug....nearly effortless if using proper skates and floor is good.
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    Closed due to meaningless topic title
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    Rigger recommendation to carry machine and his forklift from SC to MI ??

    Machine is VMC that weighs 9,500 lbs.... needs 15,000 lb capacity forklift to load here and unload in Michigan for buyer. I know it will be seriously expensive but might work out better than me renting a forklift on this end. (my current lift out of service for a while) Milacron
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    15k rated fork lift for 13.5k machine - will it lift?

    Have no experience with that specific forklift but with CAT 15,500 (really a Mitsubishi) I have lifted (or attempted to lift) that scenario a few times and IMHO it would be pretty iffy without extra (temporary) counterweights. I used about 750 pounds of steel plates in a chip bin that was...
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    Late model Hyundai 70D-7e diesel forklift goes from starting perfectly to not at all

    Every use since buying this forklift about 2 years ago it has started within one second of turning the key, as it did last week. But today the starter turns it over fine, gauges display no errors.... but nothing, not even a hint of firing up. Fuel tank half full, glow plug light works (on then...
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    "Never clean chips again"...interesting video of coolant "waterfall"....

    "Never clean chips again"...interesting video of coolant "waterfall".... Nice shop tour vid, and toward the end she gets to the coolant thing.... Machine Shop Tours: Steed Speed - Practical Machinist : Practical Machinist
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    Estate auction

    Sorry we are not glued to the glowing PM light every minute of every day
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    100,000 UK Covid 19 Deaths

    Closed by Admin5
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    Weiler condor Power feeds not engaging

    I realize I'm a year late, but did you get it sorted out ? I think on the Condor you have to pull up on the feed lever but even then it might not engage the feed gear without moving carriage or cross slide handwheels a bit...but you probably knew that..
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    OT - Replace a "smart" water heater "power board" with a standard thermostat ? (pic)

    No leaning necessary....since it was under warranty, and the part was unobtanium... that is precisely what Rheem offered to do... I remove old WH, take to HD, they give me new one, I install new one. They would even have paid up to $450 for the labor*. But it was all too much PITA considering...
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    OT - Replace a "smart" water heater "power board" with a standard thermostat ? (pic)

    Note I said "sort of" emergency....i.e. the type where wife wants to take a shower really bad ;) As to the Captain Obvious suggestion of "simply" replacing the WH.... it was replaced just 4 months ago (due to leak) and up three flights of stairs, draining and refilling 50 gallons, 40 mile trip...
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    OT - Replace a "smart" water heater "power board" with a standard thermostat ? (pic)

    OT - Replace a "smart" water heater "power board" with a standard thermostat ? (pic) Sort of emergency situation...no hot water in house. Rheem 5500 watt water heater, elements are fine, "board" needs replacing and Rheem is out and doesn't know when they will get more ! (pesky pandemic...
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    Need help with very strange phenomenon

    Closed due to meaningless topic title
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    How stupid of an idea is this??

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    lack of professional machinist in sub forums

    FWIW, donie is now banned for 3 months, via PM administration, not the moderator.
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    Closed due to meaningless topic title