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  1. exkenna

    Best General Purpose End Mill

    Well since you asked. https://latheinserts.com/TITAN-VI-PRO-ENDMILLS-4-FLUTE-W-CORNER-RAD_c106.htm
  2. exkenna

    Coolant recommendations

    Metalloid Addvance 6030C. Plant based botanical with no chlorine, sulfur, or petroleum products. No cracked hands or burnt lungs. Runs clears like water. $180/Pail
  3. exkenna

    Okuma lnc-8 cheap starter tooling recommendations

    Shoot me a message, I have tons of brand new tool holders and inserts. Or email me: tooling64 at gmail dot com It’s all high quality usable stuff
  4. exkenna

    kennametal or maritool ?

    I have some ER16 and ER32 collet chucks on year end sale for $78 if you’re interested.
  5. exkenna

    Anchorlube G-771 run through lathe flood coolant system

    It’s Irish Spring soap, blended into a viscosity for squirt bottles. Not kidding. I’m a dealer for them and have had several conversations with the owner. Good stuff though! I have customers that swear by it.
  6. exkenna

    Is it OK to use a Through Coolant Face Mill with a Flood Coolant system?

    Perfectly fine to run it without coolant. Many manufacturers are consolidating to indexable coolant tools by default to keep from having to stock both.
  7. exkenna

    Top Notch Threading Inserts

    I still sell the top notch Groovers and threaders for $11 each. CVD coated, updated version of KC850. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  8. exkenna

    Lathe, choosing the correct inserts for different materials

    Give me a shout, I’ll be glad to help Tooling64 At Gmail Dhot com
  9. exkenna

    Face Mill Adapter for ER-40 Live Toolholder

    Although it’s not the most free cutting geometry it does have positive axial rake which is most important. The slight negative radial rake is to kick the chips away from the cutter. I’m not fond of the long cutting edge at the bottom of the insert. Most likely causing the noise you’re hearing...
  10. exkenna

    When to use a cermet?

    Generally speaking I've had success with Cermets in Steels and stainless and light depths of cut .010-.030 per side and 1/4 of the nose radius for the feed rate. If using a ground edge geometry the DOC can be even smaller. They seem to like higher sfm's.
  11. exkenna

    FS: Japanese Mag base,Teclock indicator, travel indicator, $120

    FS: Nice quality Japanese manufacture Mag Base and Teclock indicator, Also .001-2.00" dial indicator, all in excellent shape. What you see is what you get. $120 plus $12.00 Priority Post shipping. Paypal only please. Don't message me here, I don't check messages. Respond here in this thread if...
  12. exkenna

    F: Pristine Birmingham 14x40 Lathe and Square column Mill Drill with all accessories

    You’re correct. When I can get to a desktop I’ll move it. Thank you X
  13. exkenna

    F: Pristine Birmingham 14x40 Lathe and Square column Mill Drill with all accessories

    Rare opportunity to buy a complete home machine shop with accessories for $6500. Birmingham 1440 220V single phase lathe and RF-45 square column mill drill with all accessories including Bison 5C chuck, spare chuck, Phase II rotary table, mill clamp sets, Nice mill vise, etc, all the way down to...
  14. exkenna

    School me on toolholders

    I have been supplying the BT30 tool holder packages for a machine tool dealer and have good stock on balanced ER collet chucks. PM me if interested. Trust me.. you won’t be disappointed 🤩
  15. exkenna

    Looking for a good cutting tool rep Wisconsin

    I’ve tooled up shops all over the country. If you don’t mind phone and email support I would be glad to help. X
  16. exkenna

    First time high feed milling

    Fun thread to follow. I thought some of you might like a post about high feed cutters that I made here 12 yes ago: The secret behind high feed milling cutters.
  17. exkenna

    FS: New CAT40 ER32 and ER16 collet chucks, 4" Gage length *$68.00*

    Hi Jacques The collet chucks shipped today, Thank you! X