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  1. Ray Behner


    You failed to enter where you're "From". If you're in the USA, you could try: Rajendra Khare. I think he's still in Troy, Ohio. 937 524 7086. This thread may get locked due to your nondescript title.
  2. Ray Behner

    Suggest Steel for antique tractor flywheel performance

    This may do the trick.
  3. Ray Behner

    F/S Wahlstrom chucks-Tapping head-hole saws &arbors

    John, I'll take both Wahlstroms. Please reply with addy & shipping.
  4. Ray Behner

    Tips wanted from Horizontal mill wizzards.

    Did your own overhead bulb survive the blast without damage?
  5. Ray Behner

    Can I make a usable lathe tool from D2?

    I would rather grind M-2 HSS than D-2. "D" is for dog! Worst steel you can put in a surface grinder. Other than that, it's OK.
  6. Ray Behner

    Ev batteries and lithium supply

    It's a flash in the pan at present at least. How Much Energy Will the World Need? | PragerU
  7. Ray Behner

    Can someone help me with what these mean

    I didn't git no stinkin trophy and I want mine NOW. I'm 19 years old and worked my ass off (on video games and other meaningless shit) all my life so I DESERVE one. Well?
  8. Ray Behner

    OT: Sawmill Oopsie

    Boy, I don't know. I've watched it several times and notice the board going off the table and down toward the track. If there was anything vertical behind that blade to the height of the blade, it sure couldn't hurt. We called them shark fins because they weren't vertical. They curved around the...
  9. Ray Behner

    OT: Sawmill Oopsie

    A great friend almost died that way. Got it right in the forehead. You can still see the impression of a cracked skull. This was 25 years ago and he now has Parkinsons. I was told that the accident initiated it. Don't know. A bunch of us go to a nursing home in Coshocton, Ohio every once in a...
  10. Ray Behner

    Questions about tungsten copper

    I'm not really the one to answer that question. Although, the company wanting this done, thinks it will save money by using a thin strip of the copper and feels a "welded" bond would be preferable. Looks like Whamac has a piece that will do. Sent the check and waiting patiently.
  11. Ray Behner

    Questions about tungsten copper

    Damn! Thanks for that Glen.
  12. Ray Behner

    Questions about tungsten copper

    Doug, Not yet. The guy in sales said he'd talk to the engineer and get back with me with a possible alternative. Thanks to Glen for putting up with me, I contacted Whamac about the drops he has in the for sale sec. Hope to hear back. Ray
  13. Ray Behner

    Hyd cylinder repair

    I'm one of those ignorant operators that use V blocks for pressing bar......all the time. It's really easy to whip out a set of aluminum blocks (sacrificial ya know) to hold that bar where it belongs.
  14. Ray Behner

    Questions about tungsten copper

    Well rats! I contacted AMPCO to no avail. They used to carry it, but I need class 11 and they only go to class 4. I looked in the for sale section, but after going to mid '21 I fell asleep.
  15. Ray Behner

    Questions about tungsten copper

    Mark, This will be the base plate for a blade welder.
  16. Ray Behner

    Hyd cylinder repair

    Bob, I have straightened a few with excellent results. If it's a tight radius bend, just pitch it, but a long sweep...not too bad. I bored a piece of aluminum to diameter of rod. Sawed in half the long way to use as a bumper. Make al. Vee blocks as well. Make sure it's centered under the ½...
  17. Ray Behner

    Questions about tungsten copper

    Customer wants me to make some plates from steel, then laminate tungsten copper to it so as to save in thickness of the TC. I haven't got a clue (nor do I really want one) if you can even solder/braze what have you , one to the other. This crap is right around the price of gold, so I don't want...
  18. Ray Behner

    help request for milling machine identification

    Is there letters in the recess close to the top? Or how about on the chart in the middle.