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  1. TheOldCar

    Little over priced or have I disconnected on 10EE value?

    I also think that is abnormally high even for HGR.
  2. TheOldCar

    How much sparking / ember flinging is normal when dry milling steel?

    I’ve had great success with steel spark forming (technical phrase) when the cutter is dull. :fight: :D
  3. TheOldCar

    10ee for $1,400 in California

    Sold now. Anyone here the happy buyer?
  4. TheOldCar

    OT Please tell your friends who use to read here to come back

    I just love that song…
  5. TheOldCar

    Precision ground flat stones

    Thanks for sharing all of this info. I believe I often use the wrong stones or damage the correct ones.
  6. TheOldCar

    Retrieving items dropped in chip pan

    I constantly regret not cleaning the chip tray before making small parts on the EEs. Luckily I have access to the rear of them or it would be much harder.
  7. TheOldCar

    Free Assorted Belts pay for the shipping

    I’ll take the 2 DoAll belts. I’ll PM you…
  8. TheOldCar

    tear down 10EE backgear

    Donation $$$ is anxiously awaiting!
  9. TheOldCar

    Insufficient Electrical Supply? Manual lathe slow to start

    My MH1500 did the same thing. I imagine no clutch on these Mori Seiki manual lathes means correct RPC and correct beaker are a must. Not much wiggle room, just has to be right. I've used a bit undersized RPCs in the past, and scraped by. On this harder-starting lathe I simply (duh) had to...
  10. TheOldCar

    Zoro is their stock low or search engine gone bad, both?

    Just tried to order 145 copper round bar from them. Below the product name it says “Material=aluminum sheet”. Next listing for copper 145 round showed material as being plastic. Oh, and once I followed the request to change my account password, they no longer show any order history.
  11. TheOldCar

    10EE thirteen shades of OIL

    Maybe a little on the thin side for the back gear, but I bet it hasn't damaged a thing!
  12. TheOldCar

    OT: Any recent issues with 3M PPS cup liners?

    I ordered a SprayIQ set and its first use worked well. Their liner fit my 3M cup and lid, but I sprayed using SprayIQ parts completely. It fit the gun's adapter (Iwata) well also. Just one use...but it worked great.
  13. TheOldCar

    Gantry Crane Build Questions

    In addition to height, make sure it’s plenty wide. I personally would make sure it easily clears at least a car hauler.
  14. TheOldCar

    1978 I/M 10EE with apron feed motor on Portland CL

    Good question! Or, did the Facebook seller meet reality, sell it for more like 10K to the craigslist seller, he removed decals, fiddled, gave up and listed it? Just seeing those wires and plate hanging from the apron in both listings makes me wonder how much progress the second owner (if it is...
  15. TheOldCar

    1978 I/M 10EE with apron feed motor on Portland CL

    More useless observations: -Weird rust stain above & behind the LH end of leadscrew shows on both. (Not a super convincing clue...just same in both ads) -Rear chip guard brackets have non-factory bottom screws, and the screws are there on the craigslist one also. -Cable for cross feed scale...
  16. TheOldCar

    1978 I/M 10EE with apron feed motor on Portland CL

    I thought the same, but looked closer and noticed weird similarities. Craigslist one shows the DRO removed but cables jumbled into the chip pan. And that cheap conduit junction box on the back with its own little sticker, the crooked "HEAVY MED" sticker on the backgear/LH side cover, plus that...
  17. TheOldCar

    1978 I/M 10EE with apron feed motor on Portland CL

    Same EMT conduit box on the back, also. I bet a spare 10EE tailstock that they are the same machine.
  18. TheOldCar

    1978 I/M 10EE with apron feed motor on Portland CL

    They both show the wires to the apron drive disconnected, and both have the same code stencil painted on the front. Could they be one and the same? The facebook ad shows it where it was last being used, and craigslist ad is in a more recent location???