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    Ebay is a ripoff

    Remember Reliable? Started good but got greedy. Too bad.
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    Ebay is a ripoff

    Someitimes items can best be sold on Ebay I will concede that. However they sure are greedy. Item sold for $US1124 buyer paid on May19 after fees payment $962.58 (14.5%). Okay that is about what most auction sites would charge. However, payment is "on hold" till June 19 because I am...
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    FS Pull Broach, Oil Gun, Draw Bar Nut

    Square broach .5275 x 30" long $20 Oil gun made in Europe should be good new $20 Nut as shown ordered wrong kept too long $20 All plus shipping Bob
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    For Sale 1962 Monarch 10ee $20,000

    Mine is much newer still Mt2
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    Implex did you have Chmer wire ?

    Just wondering. There is one for sale here would be a step up for me but logistics make it impossible. Bob
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    Edm breaks wire

    How far away from the part before it starts to cut? My antique will do that if I am less than atleast 20 thou away.
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    Monarch 10ee covers

    You probably know this but the top half of the front cover was $1200 from Monarch a few years ago probably more now Bob
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    Mine was built in 1980 still runs well not fancy but reasonably reliable. Bob
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    Monarch CK 16 Lathe FS

    Out here that machine would sell within hours at that price. Unfortunately trucking has gotten expensive so not practical for me Bob
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    Burn out drill bit

    I knew the electrode was too big but it was the smallest copper with hole that i had and the part was scrap so tried it just to see if it works. Managed to get trough it so I think when I get the proper electrode should be ok. Thanks to all that responded and to Jens in Oz who sent suggested...
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    Burn out drill bit

    This is antique D10. Tried circuit board drill but they are so fragile will break immediately.
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    Burn out drill bit

    Broken #57 bit. Tried graphite no joy. Tried fine brass burned electrode burned el faster then bit. Friend suggested ccopper so ordered 1mm electrode with hole for flushing but not real optimistic. I guess the real answer is dont break the bit but thats a tall order maybe just abandon the...
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    WTB honing machine 60" min. stroke

    even this way would be lots of $
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    Sorry spelling in title I hate this phone
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    I assume the machine was built by Elox and Fanuc supplied the control. Is that right?
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    10EE Follow Rest mounting holes

    Thanks figured it was but in 40 years I used a steady once and that was a fuup. So the question was just academic. bob
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    Centricator I think

    Not really sure what the proper name is anyway the I will never use it price free plus shipping approx $30