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    Fadal tapping speed .1 or .2 ?

    Fadal VMC15 does not have a 2 speed gearbox,
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    I need to rigid tap some 3/4-10 in 4140 (pre hard) plate ( 1 " thick thru). Which gear range would be best . I usually tap at 500rpm. But never have done this big in 4140 .
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    Engine Block boring on a vmc?

    Lol! As soon as I saw " a hole is a hole"...I knew it... I would have to read the rest of the comments .. Nice one!
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    Fadal Rigid Tapping problem

    High to low is for different tap sizes.
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    Fadal Rigid Tapping problem

    The weird part is when the air valve kicks on everything changes.
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    Fadal Rigid Tapping problem

    S750 seems to be the problem, but when we go to S750.2 it seems to work just fine.
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    Fadal Rigid Tapping problem

    I have a problem with my 6030 (1995) rigid tapping. We run the test program (from manual) with M99 repeat for 12 tpi and the first 2 cycles runs fine, then the air valve kicks on and the speeds change. My service guy tried good boards that he has with no change. Any idea of where to start...
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    New Glentek drive from Calmotion

    Had to replace the old Baldor drive on the VMC15XT . I went with the Glentek that Calmotion supplied. I have never replaced a drive before, so I was a little hesitant . It took me a few hours , due to the fact of being extra careful. This could not have gone any easier. It really was as simple...
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    Speedie's Fadal reality checklist (pre 2014)

    Bob, My VMC15XT just finally crapped out the Baldor drive last week. The drive would still start up. I would have to start the machine and let it be under power for about 20 minutes for the drive to fire up . The machine does not run everyday ,but I have had it over 10 years now and the drive...
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    Fadal Stops Mid-program

    I had a problem with my machine quitting during the DNC Calmotion. I switched from DNC to DNCX and have had no problems since.
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    Bobw Appreciation Thread

    Yes, All of the Fadal owners on this forum have probably needed or used BobW's advice or knowledge. This is what makes these forums a great source . Guys like this are truly appreciated , but sometimes never acknowledged. Thanks BobW for all your help and insight.
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    Fadal 2 speed gearbox

    Thanks, I thought it was 2500 rpm. Appreciate it!
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    Fadal 2 speed gearbox

    What is the max RPM in the ranges for the 2 speed gear boxes? (Fadal 6030 ,88HS)
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    Mazak bone yard or used parts

    Looking for someone that may have used (lathe)Mazak parts or scrap machines. I am looking for a tool change index motor assembly. Broke the indexing plate inside. Thanks
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    Fadal tapping speed .1 or .2 ?

    I have a 15xt and usually use MO3 S500 and never had a problem. I have another question about our 6030 gearbox. What is the max speed in low range? Is there a minimum RPM in high range?
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    New Fadals

    For sure. I think Dave Decaussin passed away in 2020.
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    New Fadals

    There has to be someone with a new machine out there.
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    New Fadals

    I was wondering as to why there is no videos of the new Fadal machines. Are they that bad that no one wants to admit to owning one? Just curious
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    Fadal Rigid Tapping

    Quick question on Fadal VMC 15XT (88HS). Will rigid tapping grab the same thread if you need to go back in and tap deeper? Thanks
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    On the hunt - world's best aluminum finishing endmill

    Sweet Finish. What machine are you running these on. Would love to see a video of this.