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    Carbide Tool Source, in Rogue River Oregon

    This is the way. It'll burn your bridge with that company but it sounds like they did that already anyways.
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    Mazak QT-15N T-32 - Freshly wired up. Gave Alarm 202. We switched tap power from 230 to 210.

    It's the shits when you don't have any industrial electricians around. If they only do residential, they'd assume +-5% V is good enough.
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    Mazak QT-15N T-32 - Freshly wired up. Gave Alarm 202. We switched tap power from 230 to 210.

    You shouldn't have to say that, but you also shouldn't have to tell an electrician to check rotation when hooking up a 3ph motor.
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    CNMG toolholder styles

    D style tool holders are by far the best clamping style as they hold the insert down, and pull it into the corner. M's are a pain in the ass when the eccentric jams, and P's are only useful when you need the extra chip clearance for boring bars. There's basically no price premium to the D or P...
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    Explain modified flank indeed threading

    There is also alternating flank infeed, where it alternates the Z offset + and - so you get the same effect, but it cuts on both flanks of the tool increasing tool life.
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    What would you do differently if you could do it all again?

    Don't get into a partnership. Still haven't seen one that ended other than badly. Sell your service, not your parts. Joe Blow's garage shop will beat your price, but if you can offer 1-2 day turn around and parts that fit in the current world, price wont matter during a break down.
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    '96 SQT15MS- Panel breaker tripping

    Sorry about that, I edited the post for a bit more clarity. It has tripped twice with very little load since changing breakers. My panel is a god awful old FPE Stab Lok, so I don't have any options for fancy breakers. I've never even heard of a D Curve breaker to be honest. I'll look into the...
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    '96 SQT15MS- Panel breaker tripping

    Hi All, Back here after a few years trouble free-ish. My 96 SQT 15 MS has started tripping the breaker at the electrical panel. I've been running on a 60A breaker for about 6 years now. First time happened while doing a days worth of roughing with the main spindle around 50% most of the day. It...
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    Anyone have experience with a newer Okuma MB-66V?

    MB66VA/VB are linear guide machines. IIRC the MB series design is almost identical to the Genos mills. The difference is (I think) Japanese casting vs Taiwan casting, more care in assembly for better accuracy/repeatability, but its mostly options. They'll spec out the MB just about any way you...
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    Brother Speedio tool fretting

    Does your control tell you how many tool changes it’s done? The way speedios are, you might have 5 times the tool changes in half the hours of a typical machine. Check drawbar force before chasing your tail on 10 different holders. Probably cheaper than buying a single Big Kaiser or Regofix holder.
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    VBMT moving into holder?

    For an insert to move that much in the pocket, it would have to be the wrong insert for the holder or wrong screw. With everything mounted properly, .020” movement in the pocket would bust the insert or mangle the screw. .020” doc and .008” left on the face puts you close to .180” doc when...
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    Best shop layouts?

    It's just a 26x80 lathe, 13x50 manual mill and bandsaw right now, but hoping to add a VMC once we have space. Rather than machine layout, I'm more curious to see how people layout their material rack/saw, office, mezanines etc to allow space to add machines neatly in the future.
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    Best shop layouts?

    Starting to plan a new shop building. One bay in the 60x40 range, with another bay roughly 30x40 to rent out for now, and for future expansion. 3-5 ton overhead bridge crane over the whole shop. Likely put apartments on the top as well. Does anyone have layouts they'd be willing to share...
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    Turning long part

    If it fits in your bore, do it in 2 halves. 42" stick out from the chuck will let you push it pretty damn hard, and you wouldn't need to bother with steady rests.
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    Milling Marks from Wiper Inserts on 4140 Skim Cut

    IMO with such a small DOC, chips aren't big enough to get flung out nicely, and you're going to get chips stuck in the center cavity between the mill and the part. Coolant should help flush them, and taking it in two passes might help clear them as well. But two is more than one, and aint...
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    Slit spacer - 6061 al - sub spindle / y axis lathe?

    Could make a custom collet/soft jaws that has a mandrel bolted to the collet chuck/3 jaw chuck. Part slides over the mandrel then gets clamped. Probably not too difficult to do. I think a sub spindle would be over kill for this. Any lathe with a Y would be good enough. I'm a cheap-ass, so I'd...
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    Waterjet pricing vs Laser pricing

    Better edge finish in thicker material, no HAZ, cuts plastics (not very well IMO), pretty damn accurate, square cuts. For lots of welding work it eliminates nearly all machining work. #1 cut, and 20 sec with a flapper wheel gives you a +.005" bore good enough for nearly all pin fits.
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    Surface Finish Issues on New Machine

    As someone mentioned earlier in the thread, probably something to do with servo tuning.
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    YG1 Spade drill insert question

    I always get that same issue with YG spade drills, and most regrinds. The split point geometry from them is garbage. It doesn't take much to plug them up. The only spade drill inserts that run reliably for me are AMEC.
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    Need help identifying pull stud

    11 years, almost to the day... one of the better Necros I've seen here.