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    South Bend Turnado Parts Manual

    will do thanks
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    South Bend Turnado Parts Manual

    I can make them,was thinking they should be rubber.There is a pump oiler on the carriage.Where can I find hard felt
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    South Bend Turnado Parts Manual

    I'm hoping to find a parts manual for a turnado, catalog # CL-170-H Serial number on bed 77 GJ 2714.It has the 3 1/4" spindle bore,12 ft. bed.I have seen a few manuals I just want to get the right year.I was wondering if the 77 in the serial meant year.I'm looking for way wipers if they are...
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    Old marvel 8 parts

    Does anyone need any parts for a marvel 8 bandsaw.Covers ,guards,etc.email me [email protected] used some parts on another saw that was in better shape.This is the round top version with the cast blade cover.
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    FS Brown and sharpe 510 surface grinder

    you're right,had a fine pole suburban on it years ago,I will let it go with it.It didn"t work well though maybe worth getting repaired.The yuasa works fine.
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    FS Brown and sharpe 510 surface grinder

    This is still available
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    5HP DC Motor wanted for '73 10EE

    If you decide to install a Vfd I have a 3hp inverter duty motor with the gearbox mated to it.It was on a 68 ee I had a few years back.It was in pretty rough shape mechanically when I got it,but I changed it over anyway.The motor and gearbox are fine.This was the 4000 rpm model though.The motor...
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    Help identifying grinder please

    that grinder is what we called a cot grinder,its used to grind rubber rolls or cot rollers used on textile machinery.The shaft mounted rollers where held between centers and the tailstock was spring tension.I modified a 3" 3 jaw chuck to the drive on a customers to chuck cot rollers by the...
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    Brown & Sharpe No.2 Universal

    i have a tailstock for the dividing head,let me know if you don't find one in all that treasure.
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    Leblond 13" Heavy Duty Lathe

    Heres my 14,its in great shape,alot heavier than the servo shifts I've run.I picked this up locally.I didn"t need it but I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for old machines,or a soft spot in my head for buying this stuff.
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    Leblond 13" Heavy Duty Lathe

    I have the 14" model built in 1953, its a nice machine maybe not a monarch but a good heavy lathe.I've been posting in the tooling for sale site here for a steady rest, hope yours has one, I would like to see it to get an idea what to look for.The speed range is excellent.
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    WTB steady rest for leblond heavy duty lathe

    Yes its nc 1500, just got a l1 adaptor for the 3 jaw,took a little over a month to get here from msc.I think I may make a steady when I have time.
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    WTB steady rest for leblond heavy duty lathe

    thought i would add a picture of the lathe,its a 1953 year model
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    FS Brown and sharpe 510 surface grinder

    I will be in the shop tommorow and take some measurements Thanks
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    WTB steady rest for leblond heavy duty lathe

    Looking to buy a steady rest for leblond 14" HC toolroom lathe.Actual swing is 16 1/2".Also a follow rest if possible.My email [email protected]
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    FS Bridgeport series 1 cnc mill

    I have for sale a bridgeport mill R2E4 cnc mill.I purchased this years back with plans of retrofitting a centroid control but its not gonna happen.It was originally owned by John Tyler Community College in Chesterfield Va.It was used in the shop class and since I've owned it hardly used because...
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    Monarch 20" M raised?

    I had a 20 cm years ago that would swing 30.5,the original paper work from monarch called it raised in the sand.