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    Something most will never see. Brand new Atlas 6" Lathe with every available attachment, new out of the box.

    I thought this site was for grumpy old men with a old lathe who pretend to be pro machinists
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    Slotting head for shaper

    Have you a better picture of the Elliott planer? I saw one at auction a year back but it was unlike a butler which surprised me as I thought Elliott were involved with them Thanks
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    what's the footprint of a "small" horizontal boring mill?

    That comment really made me chuckle! My old dad thought that was all I was fit for! I have some large interesting junk at my premises where I try to make a living
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    what's the footprint of a "small" horizontal boring mill?

    At home I have a kearns s type . Despite its small size I reality it has a much bigger useful capacity that my k&t 415 due to the decent z axis There is also the accuracy a mill can only dream of I also have a Italian San Rocco which is a lovely compact machine with big capacity to size ratio...
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    Kearns no5 horizontal borer

    Thanks for taking the time to reply
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    Kearns no5 horizontal borer

    Good old pm software
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    Kearns no5 horizontal borer

    Hello Seen this for sale. Looks like a no5, does anyone know the weight and spindle taper? Half tempted half put off by a mt spindle Thanks
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    Monster Putnam lathe...

    Just a average long bed lathe
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    Kearns S type

    S type tailstock isn’t 100lbs I have a s type and the tailstock base casting is probably that weight, the whole thing is immensely healthy for a small support for a small machine
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    grinding a lathe bed

    Three point the bed to make sure it’s on there without coercion Then with a clock add extra mounts either side of third mount to support bed. Treat it like carefully levelling in a machine Side clamps to aid clocking in sides true. Don’t use a magnet
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    Uk source for carbide scrapers

    Op asked where in U.K. for blades and that’s where I buy unless a bargain comes up on eBay. There’s some on at the moment but maybe op is very thrifty!
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    Uk source for carbide scrapers

    I use biax carbides, no dearer than sandvik I buy from here AET
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    Want To Trade: Very Large Boring Mill / Planer Parallels for...

    I’ve never got the fascination with camelback/fishback straight edges. I’ve only ever used parallel straight edges so I can use a level with them. We called them bedding plates where I apprenticed
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    Planing and Scraping a 36" KING-WAY Camel-Back Straight Edge

    Towards the end Herbert tried grinding the devlieg but it wasn’t the answer and couldn’t achieve required tolerance so abandoned that idea. A pal of mine worked there at the time and said it caused a total faff even down to rebuilding the new way grinders to improve accuracy
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    Planing and Scraping a 36" KING-WAY Camel-Back Straight Edge

    I worked at a place that made linear transfer machines twenty odd years ago Short slideways were planed then scraped in New manager decided it’s too time consuming and bought a Favretto way grinder, he was not a man to listen. What he didn’t realise was the scraping was for final alignment not...
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    Straight edges in U.K.

    He now makes squares, big one is 30” modelled off crown windley I believe
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    Pratt and Witney Hartford No1 screw machine

    Richard is obviously modernising his workshop :D
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    Help with Swift V5 lathe

    I don’t come here too often now but swift caught my eye! First steps are make sure the oil is actually getting to them and back off the adjustment and blast some solvent cleaning agent in there, might be gummy oil causing drag. Even a healthy clutch can drag if a brake(If present) isn’t operational
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    Straight edges in U.K.

    A friend in england is making straight edges of various styles and sizes There’s a Facebook page hr lamb and son camelbacks Maybe if interest
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    power scraper best ever ?

    I had recently signed a nda with Coborn with a view to making a batch Of their bedding curl power scrapers. I ll mention it publicly now as they pulled out a couple of weeks ago due to the covid induced economic situation. It wasn’t a economically viable proposition but I just wanted to do it