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    Are we losing expertise and institutional knowledge?

    More probably punched as that was how they did it in the pre welding days.
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    OT: Plans for Super Duty Wind Chimes

    Check ebay for old carbide cannons. Just ask the seller about corrosion before buying because if they aren't cleaned properly after use they will corrode. Calcium carbide is available from Amazon.
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    OT: how to attach broken cast iron part

    JB Weld on a suitably cleaned and roughened surface. I would also add some tiny countersunk screws into tapped holes in the reinforcing piece. After a full 72 hour cure it should be tougher than original. One hint - I always bevel or round the edges of the reinforcing piece to prevent stress...
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    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    Glad to finally see a post about reality rather than speculation. As I said in an earlier post many shops worldwide could produce such rounds if needed, without resorting to forging.
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    Emco MAXIMAT V10 missing parts.

    Use this link to see photos of the apron parts as a starting point, then periodically do a web search and you may find used parts on ebay or forum links detailing modifications of suitable substitutes...
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    Stupid cad jockeys forgot fractions

    Absolutely. The best way for the OP to handle this is to make a cheat sheet in something like Excel with the division results set to 2 digits displaying. Another is to get one of those cheapo digital calipers that can display in decimal inches, metric, or fractional inches and use it as a units...
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    OT: SpaceX Starship/Booster test flight 04/20/23

    Yes, the early USA rocket experiments had a lot of failures but eventually got men into space. I'm sure this private enterprise will eventually do likewise.
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    Is safe to buy a used air compressor?

    I agree. If your hearing is good you should be able to tell the difference between sound and rusty metal as long as the tank is completely drained of any water and sediment. I have reproofed a couple of antique muzzle loading shotguns and the first test is to hang the barrels from a string and...
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    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    Sorry, no time for photos 'cause we're in a rush to ship them to Ukraine. :D
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    OT how do I figure out how tall my house is?

    Use a speed square and sight down the 45° side. If you didn't have enough room you would have to use a protractor instead and use trig to calculate the height based on the angle and horizontal distance.
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    Soft Close Modification for Vidmar Cabinets

    Rockler sells Blum soft close adapters for cabinet doors. I installed a bunch of them including a bathroom vanity. If there is room behind the drawer they probably would work and they are screw adjustable.
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    Tube Bending Questions

    Before trying to bend production quantities yourself you might want to get quotes from shops that specialize in it.
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    O T vise stand

    I have many vices, including a love to acquire tools. I also have many vises of various size and design, although none mounted on a free standing pedestal.
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    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    And that carefully crafted image as a potential wild card was what kept Putin, Xi, and Kim in check. "The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War
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    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    Yet another phony made up statistic courtesy of the MSM. If that were true he would never have been elected president and wouldn't currently be the Republican front runner. When the crooks masquerading as law enforcement have to gin up phony charges it is blatant that they very much fear his...
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    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    Yes I have, including all the things that eventually provoked war including the horrible Versailles Agreement that carved post WWI Germany like a roast turkey. I also know that the bankers originally supported Hitler because they wanted a "strong man" who could enforce the brutal economic...
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    OT What's up with all these phone calls from odd ball callers

    Calling number spoofing. This is the latest racket by criminal scum. And neither uncle sam nor the phone carriers seem to give a shit about it.
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    OT Power steering pump failure

    Question is - did the swarf come from the failure or was it debris from manufacturing "over there". A lot of people I know have had trouble with brand new plumbing fixtures that turned out to be bits of plastic, etc. Several garage owners have told me that not only are many parts hard to find...
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    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    The usual excuses for not minding our own business. Are YOUR children and grandchildren going to fight this war?