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    Hey Jim, thanks for your reply to my questions in the Hardinge forum. I tried to send you a PM...

    Hey Jim, thanks for your reply to my questions in the Hardinge forum. I tried to send you a PM, but it bounced because there was no space - grin - the price of being knowledgeable I guess! Please message me if you would be willing to let me pick your brain a few minutes.
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    Hardinge pre-60 DSM59 - step pulleys - need info/advice

    Thanks Jim Rozen. Apparently I was replying above as you posted. If I understand you right, 1. the plate at the end of the headstock you refer to is the round plate with three fasteners 2. best to disconnect the collet closer from head 3. remove plate, closer, etc. 4. loosen counterhaft/belt...
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    Hardinge pre-60 DSM59 - step pulleys - need info/advice

    Thanks for the reply (more welcome). I am attempting to attach the only pictures available to see if someone can verify that it is an ESM. Without having seen one of these in the flesh, or seen any diagram of the headstock, I am having some trouble envisioning how spindle is constructed in the...
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    Hardinge pre-60 DSM59 - step pulleys - need info/advice

    Hello - I have been searching this forum looking for info to help a friend out. He is considering purchase of what I have narrowed down to be CONTRARY to the title a pre-1960 ESM59 - it has the slotted, square-edged bed ways, with step-pulley drive, no variable speed. Unfortunately, no further...
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    10 K purchased now I need to get it home

    I moved the same model using a cherry picker engine hoist to lift it into the back of my pickup, strapped it down, broke the hoist down and put it on its side beside the lathe, drove. Pulled hoist off first, took lathe off. Mine already had 2 4x4's going bolted to the cabinet foot tabs, across...
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    Special 10k ?

    I think it would be more fair to promise to do your best not to make fun of the paint. Good chance no one would, but really what it it was, otherwise, the most pristine fuscia 10K you have ever seen? Could you really restratin yourself? On topic though, I agree, I would not spend the $25 unless...
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    How Not to Paint a Lathe

    Absolutely. The paint-skin helps to seal in the grease and oil and keep things lubricated. (nyuk nyuk nyuk)
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    Why the uneven half nut wear?

    I expect so. What surprised me was both how universal the difference shows, and moreso, how extreme the difference in many cases. More than one example showed one half looking almost virgin and the other having 50% or less of the original thread depth. It was also interesting that it was...
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    Why the uneven half nut wear?

    In looking at pictures of 9"/10K halfnuts for sale, I have noticed that ALMOST 100% of the time, that wear on one of the half nuts was very noticeably greater than on the other, often extremely so. It is inconsistent whether it is uppor or lower, almost an even mix. As a note I have also noticed...
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    N. O. S. South bend parts

    I am definitely interested in the AS72NK1 half nuts and one of the ASD230NK3 sets. Please PM or email me with info.
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    South Bend paint color

    Drawing upon my former career life I will pass the following along. As an allmost univeral truism, any enamel will cure faster and cure tougher if baked than if air-dried. In fact, there are some enamels specifially designed to be baked and not air-dried but you will probably never encounter...
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    Will the real Evapo-rust please stand up?

    Another trick or two with Evap-O-Rust - for large surfaces that are not badly rusted, but cumbersome for immersion you can sometimes take absorbent rags and get them sopping wet (hmmm, haven't tried a shamwow) and place it on the surface. I have also laid plastic wrap or sheet across it to...
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    What's it worth? South Bend 10" Precision Lathe, Model A

    Yeah, I almost started to call it a shoe-shine box myself. Then I noticed the lack of incline and decided it was just the way someone made a handle for the lid. Good thing. Better it be a nifty piece of tooling than a lifetime supply of Kiwi black.
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    What's it worth? South Bend 10" Precision Lathe, Model A

    That looks to have been somebody's prized baby. The only notable rust is on chucks, of which there are plenty. I would be willing to bet it has been well cared for. I also noted that one drawer looks to be where everyone's missing toolpost and carriage lock wrench have gone to. Also cannot help...
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    What have you made FOR your South Bend?

    That collet closer sparked a memory. It was designed by Pat Loop who served with my father in a air transport group of the Army Air Corps stationed in Grove, England in WWII. I met and spoke with Pat a few times visiting some of their service reunions in the 90's/90's. Pat worked as a machinist...
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    Is this Pre 1960 SB Lathe for $500 a good deal?

    Looks like a good portion of the desirable tooling piled on the wooden plank beneath the lathe, maybe a steady rest and collet draw, hard to tell for sure. And another chuck up against the wall. Certainly adds to the usability of the package.
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    Admittedly Off-Topic - Kennedy toolbox

    I apologize for throwing something off topic up, but I am not sure what would be the best forum to place this in, and since I lurk here the most....... I just picked up a couple of old Kennedy machinist boxes. Old enough to have square corners, leather handle and a locking hasp instead of a...
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    New owner of a 10L

    I want to hear how the fancy electrolysis bucket panned out.
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    13" - Shake & Wobble On Leveling Pads

    Yeah, I saw that in a line drawing after my initial post, and agree that it was meant to be bolted thru those holes. However I bet it was fairly common to shim the corners of the housing. At any rate, the real issue is that in this case the levelers are extended so far as to flex and allow a...
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    newbie with ser. # question and lathe for sale

    Found the ad Southbend lathe Someone more familiar than I could possibly say, but it looks like a very early heavy 10" 3.5 foot bed Model B? Cannot find one in a catalog going back to 39, only with quick-change which would be a 187z