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    Oil in coolant

    Btw. Just for my curiosity. Can You send me pic of your Toyoda :D
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    Oil in coolant

    Hi, I am really appreciate about your answer. Have You any idea where should I start seeking that seal failure? Is delrin really absorbs oil, I milling delrin sometimes, and didnt check that. Coolant what I am using is Condat Mecagreen 450 and oil Mobil Vactra Oil No.2. I think is that it that...
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    Oil in coolant

    Hello guys, i have a problem with my Toyoda FV1165 (Fanuc controller). I think there is too much oil in machine coolant. I heard something about parameters T0004 of Oil pump, but i dont know what value should be there to be good. Or maybe some other parameters i should change. As you see on the...
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    Mazak VCN 510c Line L

    Is there any possibility by parameters to unlock SB-R (ae of end mill) option in Lines L. I will be gratefull for any help! Have a nice day, Przemysław Zawadzki
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    Control Panel od Toyoda FV1165

    Hi guys, I am looking for information about keys on Toyoda FV1165 control panel. I dont have any instructions to that mill, so i need a little bit help I would like to know something about keys -MLK -ZLK -Program Reset -APO -BDT -M01 (optional stop after cycle?) -DRY Is anyone have G-Codes...