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    tooling for repeat punching of holes accurately on Ironworker

    Drill .25 hole at center of first knockout. Install .25 dowel pin (or suitable locating geometry to drop into matching holes). Make locating fixture that dowel pin drops into for each location. Move dowel pin to first hole, punch, move to next hole, punch, repeat until done. Go back and...
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    Does ANYBODY use eBay anymore?

    If you are interested in building a better web page, I recommend concrete https://www.concretecms.com/. You can also just buy web page templates that you plug your own images and text into. If you want exposure, you need to learn SEO, search engine optimization. There are a lot of people...
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    how to machine the pocket radius in a top break revolver.

    It was the original die sinking process, you make a "cherry" that is shaped to match the pocket with file-like teeth on it. The cherry oscillated in a motion that drags the teeth in a cutting motion, then lifts up and advances forward again, similar to a shaper. The machine I saw just had an...
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    Where can I find forming taps/material displacement taps?

    I'm going to second Balax, we used them almost exclusively for tapping in a wide range of materials. Except the 8-32 helicoil tap, that one always gauged undersize for some reason. And form taps are not actually round, they have a lobular cross section that concentrates the forming forces and...
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    OT: Solar Panels for house

    My brother just had solar installed on his house. The relevant information is that he's in Florida, where they get enough sunlight to make it feasible, he has a new house with a new roof, it was done by Tesla and has their warranty (chinese made components, but they still warranty it), and he...
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    Who writes the website articles? Are they accurate?

    The only time I can remember using a radius gauge was hand grinding some lathe tools for turning plastic, inspection was always done on either the shadowgraph, the CMM, or using gauge pins.
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    Don't put your hands where you should not.

    At one point they dragged the short guy from the auto shop to help out running some of the machines. He was a pretty good bike builder, and a decent mechanic, but should'nt have been anywhere near the machines. He was doing some busy work between cycles, wiping down the lathes, and stuck his...
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    Machining PVC - Carbide tooling?

    I had a 10" round of grey PVC I had to take quite a lot off of, I just used sharp HHS and ran it fast enough the string was nearly molten, coming off shiny and cooling in the air. I just set up a shop vac above the machine to suck up the string. Pulled the resulting wad out of the vac and made...
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    Anyone ever watch these "machinists"?

    I've been complaining a lot lately about the horrible videos YT has been spamming me with like this, piss poor craftsmanship with garbage tools and ugly results, I don't care and it's certainly not "amazing technology" or "expert craftsmanship". And it all has the same horribad music with the...
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    Quick test to determine 6061 or 7075

    I wonder if the pyramid type hardness test would be repeatable enough to tell the difference across all the different alloys you have on hand?
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    OSHA Compliance During Set-up

    I had an incident where I was trying to grind a lathe tool bit by hand, and the safety idiot came by and yelled at me for not having the shields down over the grinder. I was told the grinder could not be operated without the shields in place, so when the plant manager came by I was just...
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    Perkins Spring Coiler

    I know the custom springs we made out of music wire for mil-sim were good to go as coiled, no heat treat necessary.
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    Technique For Drilling Small .043 Inch Holes in Invar

    We've had luck with this using a 2 piece plug, a third on top under the hole, the rest tapered for easier removal. We even managed to waste more time screwing around trying NOT to make a plug than we did making the plug before we gave up and made the plug anyways. Twice, because the engineer...
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    Portable Air Conditioning Units for temperature control

    Since the car accident I've become completely intolerant of heat, so finding a place with proper climate control has become a severe issue for me. What I've learned is that every single watt you put into a place needs to get added to the heat creep from outside when you are factoring for AC...
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    Can't find a carbide version of this bit?

    I'm going to agree with spot weld cutter. I have a similar looking wood turning center, the point in the center to locate it is much finer and sharper.
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    Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning coolant off parts

    Have you looked at vapor degreasing? I remember we threw out our ultrasonic cleaner because it was leaving black wear marks on the parts, we primarily used vibratory tumblers for rough deburring, a magnetic stir deburring machine (sPINner I think it was called, it did an amazing job cleaning...
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    Good/best quick connect air couplings

    All the Milton branded couplers we have had have been pretty poor quality. I've been buying the Tru-Flate automotive style from Mcmaster and been reasonably happy with them. At work we've been getting Daisen Coupling fittings out of Japan, and they have been very nice to use. I have heard...
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    Hiring new workers and pay scale of current workers, what options are there?

    I've pretty well given up on finding another job doing machine work around here, every shop I've looked at is un-airconditioned, dirty, mandatory overtime, and believe that only punching g-code into the machine is 10 times faster than ever using any CAM. I've been told directly that anything I...
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    friction retard for set screw

    A thick pipe dope, or maybe some anti-seize cooked down a little bit to thicken it more would give you a bit of stiction.
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    The heresy of cutting oil?

    This. We had fire traces in our machines running water soluble coolant on the premise that a bar of titanium spinning at 4000rpm being pressed into the toolholder could indeed become a fire hazard, even under a a stream of water. Showering sparks into a puddle of oil is a good way to put out...