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    Mazak age

    Thanks for the reply
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    Mazak age

    For a lathe, how old is to old? This would for a two axis and a mill/turn
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    Haas st30Y tool setting and g54 help please!!!

    If you are running the first and second side in one program, why not set the second side to a G55? That way you wouldn’t have to do all the math.
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    Hydraulics Not On with Main Power and Controller On: Old Citizen F12 w/3T

    Check all your fuses and give your relays a few taps. Had a 2004 haas lathe do this, ended up being a stuck relay.
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    Threading noob

    Thanks for the reply but i got it figured out. I beeded to increase the first pass doc so the rest of the passes would also increase. I also increased the final pass doc.
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    Threading noob

    Hello all, i am single point ID threading mild steel. I am having some chatter issue on the last 2-3 passes. Any suggestion on rpm and doc to help correct this. Machine sl30 Insert is a lay down style sumitomo on a 1.250 bar Thank you Edit: current rpm is 400, doc is 0.005 finish doc is 0.002...
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    Setting tool offsets TL-1 (noob question)

    If you butted the “master” to the face of the chuck then subtracted the “master” then the face of the chuck is actually your tool length reference point. If this is the case then you can touch the new tools directly to the face for the offset.
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    G76 thread cutting

    That is what i am thinking it does.
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    G76 thread cutting

    Thanks for the reply, from what i can find setting 73 is for the retract amount when using OD/ID roughing. I am not sure if it will work for a G76 threading cycle.
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    G76 thread cutting

    Is there a parameter or another way to control the retract amount the cutting threads? I am doing an internal thread with tight clearances. The maximum miner dia is 1.321, i would like to use a threading bar with a min clearance of 1.300. The machine is a sl30t Thank you
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    Servo bar 300 parameter question

    Does anyone know if there is away to delay the retract of the pushrod? A parameter or away to program a dwell? I am using three jaw chuck with the proper liner. This is on a SL30 lathe. I have tried changing parameter 249 with no luck. Thank you.
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    Fanuc 21i-t lathe tool change position

    You should be able to use G28 U0.0 G28 W0.0 At the end of your cycle, this should send the turet home before the next tool change. You should be able to use a G53 X 0.0 G53 Z_._ _ to set your location yourself.
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    Haas servo bar 300 newb questions

    Hello all, this will be my first time using a bar feeder. What i am trying to do is a double push on the stock. I will use the control variables for the first push, which will be 0.750. I will face,chamfer, put a flat and drill a radial whole. Then i will need to do another bar push for length...
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    ST35Y tailstock set points

    On a SL30 lathe i use the settings are around “setting 105”.
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    Must have lathe tooling?

    Buy basic insert geometries, that way you can use different brands in the same holder. If it is a proprietary clamping system for the insert, you will be stuck with that brand.
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    New to solid carbide drills

    I want to thank everyone for the recommendation, i went with 3000 rpm at 0.005 ipr.
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    New to solid carbide drills

    Hand coding isn’t a problem, i had code everything i do on this machine.
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    New to solid carbide drills

    The depth is 1.125 and brand is widin with TiAIN coating.
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    New to solid carbide drills

    Machine: haas sl30 lathe Material: 4140 Drill size 6.7mm with through tool coolant I know not to peck with a carbide drill, but any other best practice i need to know? Any speed and feed recommendations? The manufacture is recommending 6500 RPM and a feed of 0.007 IPR, this machine won’t spin...
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    Turning 18" D2 Steel plz help speed/feed/doc

    You misunderstood, .125 radial .250 diameter.