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    Looking For D.R.O. Recommendations

    What are the travels? What sort of resolution/accuracy are you looking to hold? What is your price range? Jon
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    WTB: Bridgeport right hand table bracket

    The right hand bracket has one free floating bearing, the left hand holds 2 bearings and is drilled and tapped for the 3 holes to capture the bearings. The left hand bracket can be on the left or the right, but the older right hand ones with no holes drilled or tapped cant go on the left...
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    BPT power feed not working

    Pictures? The factory feed should either be an 8F or the Peerless Winsmith motor.
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    Ballscrew mill table removal?

    If you need to remove the screw, then just take the bolts that hold the nut into the yoke and remove both. Jon
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    BP powerfeed help

    It's most likely a 6F-C model, where they started mixing up the 6F and 8F together. The front plate is flat and says Bridgeport, but the dialholder has the spots for the 8F style handle. Obviously it could be that the previous owner just made do with what he could find. The easiest way to...
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    Milling Machine ID

    Parts of the saddle and table strike me to looking like a Knight, but an in between version. Doesn't look like the 20, 30, or 40 but doesnt have the round "knee" like the 1 through 4. Jon
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    Info/Manual Wanted, Textron Bridgeport Series 1 CNC

    Pictures would help, so we can see what you have.
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    looking for recommendations for ball screw rework

    We always go through Rockford (used to be Rand), depending on what all is wrong it's a few hundred bucks. Jon
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    VFD Suggestions plz: Bridgeport Series II 4hp

    Thats what was getting me about this machine. I think I was looking at it too much like it being the original setup of the machine, which it clearly isnt. Looks like a rigid ram base, but from the turret up is an actual standard Series II. I was going through the pics of all the rigid ram...
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    VFD Suggestions plz: Bridgeport Series II 4hp

    It looks to me like it was maybe a tracer style machine. Normal Series II didnt have that monstrous of a saddle and the "Series II" CNC machines were the "rigid ram" machines or the Series II Trak, which was just the Series II Special. That massive saddle is what makes me think it was a...
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    Going to look at a Bridgeport what to look for.

    Ya, thats an ancient Mitutoyo DRO and the powerfeed is at least 5 years old or so. I wouldnt say walk away from it at the price it is, but you can buy better machines for that cost. Jon
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    BridgeportB BOSS6 Problem with power supply^

    If Terlecke isnt able to help you, then I don't know where to point you. Ever since Keith passed a few years back, he is the only person I know who was even remotely willing to help. Jon
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    X power feed problem

    It would help to know what unit you are talking about. It sounds to me like it is going to be the 6F cause you said Seco. If it is a 6F, you should have 100VDC on the field wires (white and green) and between 0 and 90VDC on the black and red. It is rare that the motor on the 6F ones died...
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    Replacement bearings for the M head spindle pulley.

    Man I totally didnt read that it was for the spindle pulley. I suck. LOL Jon
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    Replacement bearings for the M head spindle pulley.

    The ones that we sell show as a 7205. Jon
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    Acu-rite DRO scale compatibility?

    Take the D200 apart, remove the printed flex cable from the connector on the PCB and clean both the cable and connector with alcohol. Put it back together and you have about a 90% chance that your DRO will be up and running. If not, lemme know. I have a bunch of old D200's I can get a front...
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    Bridgeport Size Differences

    This really has no importance, but we thought it was fun. We discovered today that an M head quill housing will literally fit inside of a Series II quill housing. And then for funsies, here are the quills from an M head, a J head, and a Series II. Again, nothing super important about...
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    DRO purchase questions your opinions on different brands

    Sadly it hasnt been this way for a long time, at least for the last 8 years. Its either mill brackets or lathe brackets. Jon
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    Anilam 3300m blank screen

    When you say you hooked up another monitor, do you mean that you hooked the monitor directly into the motherboard? If so, I would go with a bad motherboard. Can you post a picture of the motherboard you have? Jon