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    Work Holding on a Lathe

    Gents, I have a work-holding question I'm hoping that you can help provide a solution to, please. The material is a length of truck leaf spring, possibly 5160, roughly 3" x 5" x .330" thick. Is there a safe way, to either hold this in a 4 jaw chuck or hold it to a face plate for facing on the...
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    Reaming Steering Knuckles

    Thanks for the tips guys. It's useful. FYI.....I'll be reaming the steer knuckles on a Samurai to FJ80 taper / depth.....yes, that is another taper reamer that is different from the Chev 1 ton reamer. The Chev 1 ton reamer will be used for reaming the FJ80 pitman arm, possibly an FJ60 pitman...
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    WTB; M23 and 7/8 taps

    Looking for some automotive-usage taps please. Yep, uncommon sizes these are........ M23 x 1.5 right hand thread 7/8 x 18 left hand thread 7/8 x 14 right hand thread Thanks.
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    Reaming Steering Knuckles

    Guys, I will be reaming steering knuckles, and a pitman arm with this reamer; 1-1/2" TAPER PER FOOT BALL JOINT & TIE ROD TAPER REAMER #6952 – XKUT The plan is to ream by tap wrench method and not a drill. X cut also says; "The use of a full pecking cycle and oil-based coolant is...