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    what do you do with a pantograph these days?

    Sorry it took so long to respond :o. Yes,the Gorton was used by many cuemakers because they were familiar to many of them before the advent of CNC. They were also easier to find,although there is a cuemaker that builds/sells a Taig-based lathe specific for building cues that also makes a...
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    Good day for me,hard way to go for the others.

    > My concerns about working for the old man's shop are mostly financial. With my child support,I'd be bringing home about 120 bucks a week after taxes. I'm making double,and sometimes triple that delivering for Pizza Hut,LOL. I've talked to 7-8 people that have worked for him over the...
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    Good day for me,hard way to go for the others.

    > I want to thank everyone on here that has helped me at some point or another,because thanks to the help solicited here,I graduated with Machinist I on Thursday. But I would like to relate some fairly serious concerns that have surfaced in recent weeks and months. I posted early on in my time...
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    Is this possible?

    > Maybe I'll relate myself accurately for a change,LOL. You are right,the diameter of the ball is indeed .5625,making the radius .28125. The shank is 1.500 long x .375 dia. There is a .0625 long,45 degree chamfer at the back of the .375 diameter,the rest of the 5.500 overall length is .500 dia...
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    Is this possible?

    > After reading your response,I realized I was unclear on a dimension. The ball on the end is .5625. The 1.500 section behind the ball isn't a diameter,but a length instead. The diameter of this section is .375,like an undercut. The remaining length of the part is .500 in diameter. That...
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    Is this possible?

    > I'm having a problem getting this part made on our TL-1 for class. The part is a 5.500 long rod,with a .5625 radius on the end,followed by a 1.500 section that is .375 in diameter,the rest of the part is .500 dia. The radius on the end doesn't stop at 1/2 ball,it continues down to the .375...
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    SPI-Any Good or Asian Junk

    > If I wrapped the shank on my edge/center finder with tape,and handed it to you and told you to feel and use it,and did the same with my identical 30 yr old Starrett,I'd bet my lungs no one here could tell a difference. The Starrett is like 30 bucks,I got the SPI for 7.99 on sale at Travers...
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    OD/ID tapers on TL-1?

    > I'm getting competent on the Haas TL-1 at school,but haven't figured out how to do an OD or ID taper using just the conversational controls. Is this under the "profile" dialog,or something I'm missing? I know it has an option under threading to do NPT,but nothing for a straight taper. Thanks...
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    Were machinists from years ago smarter??

    > As a current student who was well-taught to run manual machines,even lathes and mills with no readout and sloppy controls,and self-taught on running a Haas TL-1,I see both sides of the debate. On my new job,we have a manual lathe with a 18" 4 jaw and 84" bed,a smaller but still bigger lathe...
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    What is the use for very small drills

    > My grandfather told me a story that still boggles my mind. As the senior toolmaker for Goodyear Aerospace in Akron,he quite often got mail on the job. One day he got an envelope addressed specifically to him,but found nothing in it,at least at first. Upon further inspection,he found a tiny...
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    G27-Unconditional jump....any input?

    > I just recently started the CNC part of the course I'm taking,and have a question about a code I saw on a sheet I was given. I believe this is a basic spec sheet for an Emco desktop machine,although I believe a different one than what we have. The sheet also has a list of G-codes. While...
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    OT: Mitty's family needs assistance

    > I don't know him,but I'm about 30 minutes from Trenton. I'll look into it and see what can be done,but not sure what help I can be with me not being out of school yet. Tommy D.
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    Impression of the new instructor

    > So far,I'm impresssed with our new instructor Craig. He has about 25 years of experience,most of it either making or repairing molds for a company that makes car grills. Aesthetics of our projects matter for the first time. He counted off 3 points on my threading tool fixture because there...
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    I'm A Machinist Damn It!!

    > Whenever I find myself explaining exactly what it is I'm going to school for,and the person has NO clue,I ask them this. "Ever see a car with custom rims on it,like "spinners"?" The answer is always YES. I tell them ok,those are made on a CNC machine,because no living human can make some of...
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    The times,they are a-changin'...

    > The tooling for the Haas machines is now in the shop,lots of cool stuff. The new Sharp lathes are set-up and being used daily now. My only complaint is the half-nut doesn't "snap" into place when threading,after taking up all the slack in the lever while approaching the line I'm catching on...
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    Is Titanium prone to catch fire???

    > As a machinist student,once again I learned something new here,so thanks to all. How do I eliminate this possibility? Is flood coolant the real answer? From what I gather,machining it is similar to 316 stainless,so I'm guessing that either a cemented carbide cutter or indexable tooling is...
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    Browsing a pawnshop

    > I check out our only local shop quite often looking for deals like I got on this one. I went in shortly after starting my shop class,but back before I got my grandfather's rig. I found a Mitutoyo 0-1" digital mike that reads out to .00005 that I knew normally sold in a set with matching...
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    what do you do with a pantograph these days?

    http://users.myexcel.com/hughtiernan/articles/id30.htm Enough said. Rivett,your work is right up there. Tommy D.
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    Shop Rags Spontaneous Combustion?

    > I may be wrong here,but one of the best-known cases of this caused a fire that destroyed baseball great Reggie Jackson's car collection,valued at 3.5 million in 1988. Tommy D.
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    Question about drill bit stuck in my bone

    > Being that this is a W/C claim,if they didn't ask for it immediately,you can look forward to pissing in a cup very soon. A guy at an old job was driving a forklift and pulling a pallet off a stack of empty pallets inside a trailer,when something went wrong with the forklift,and punched a hole...