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    Recommendations for automation partners in South Central PA

    Anyone able to recommend automation individuals/companies close to South Central PA? We will be looking to add some pick and place robots to new lathes next year. We have a good deal of experience doing this at our HQ in Ireland, we build the cells and have a guy in house that does the...
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    Carbide Threading Inserts

    If you're just looking to make something that will fit together to use in house then I say yes. We do it here all the time with metric inserts. 60 degree profile whether big or small. If it is something that will have to match a customers spec then probably not. As eKretz mentioned above the...
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    Machining a rad using Y & C axis

    Are you trying to do a radius entry/exit to your undercut between the lobes? If I am understanding you correctly(big IF) I would try an entry arc in X and Y using G17 (ending at X0 and Y12), then rotate your C axis to the other end of the lobe and then arc out again in X and Y.
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    Breaking off rounded corners

    We use DNMG tips to finish the OD. Just do an undercut 2x the tip radius. 1/2" RH MDJN Tri-Lock Tool Holder Plenty of boring bars out there that you can do the same on the ID. 3/8" RH SDUCR Boring Bar For DCMT Inserts
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    FANUC 021 alarm C axis interpolation

    Have you checked the polar interpolation is working as expected without the helical interpolation? Say by testing out a hex or a flat? If it is and the alarm then gets thrown on the helical part I would be leaning towards the option not being turned on. We had a Doosan Puma 2600Y that came with...
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    Engraving help.

    We do lots of live tool engraving on our lathes in mild steel that gets painted over. Use 3/32" CARBIDE BALL END MILL 2 FLUTE 1800332 from lakeshore carbide. Limited to 3000 RPM on some of lathes and feed at 300mm/min, 1/2 that for plunging. We have a 3-1 speeder on one machine and run 3 times...
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    Endmill Pulling out, and lots of heat - Live Tool Lathe

    I know on our live tool holders you 'have' to run coolant to keep the holders cool. If you really want to run the tool dry, direct the coolant away from the cut but keep the coolant on.
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    What is the oddest thing someone has said during an interview or prior to the intervi

    We had one guy in here last week with a few contenders: "I'm a slow learner" , "If someone gives me a target I won't hit it" and "I've never actually done any work" My favorite so far was an answer in the previous experience section on our application. Position: Beena lift operator. We make...
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    Foam to make tool box organizers

    Same as the Amazon link posted above but I think it works out a bit cheaper. https://www.fastcap.com/product/kaizen-foam
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    Quick release spacer

    Some kind of sketch of what you're working on would probably help. Here's something we're actually just trying out at the moment to keep two plates correctly spaced while we weld. Two separate plates with steps milled in them. Blue line is your spacer thickness, red line is your clamp. The...
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    Shrink fit dimension

    On a CK45 Ø50mm f7 chrome shaft we shrink fit on a piston head with a Ø75mm OD. Piston head is bored to Ø49.93-.03. On a Ø70mm f7 rod we machine the piston head to Ø69.9-.03 Piston heads are warmed in a regular kitchen oven 200-250deg. No need to cool the rod. Piston heads slide on by hand. We...
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    Hydraulic post driver help, Houston Texas

    Good solid ones made in Ireland. I'm sure they'd have no problem shipping to Texas! MB Post Driver @ BMS for sale in Laois for €2,800 on DoneDeal https://masoengineering.com/
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    Need a refractometer..................which one??

    I realize you say you don't want a cheap one but considering the abuse these get out on our floor - aichose Brix Refractometer with ATC, Dual Scale - Specific Gravity & Brix, Hydrometer in Wine Making and Beer Brewing, Homebrew Kit: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific Just bought 4 of them...
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    What is wrong with this peck cycle?? (Fanuc 0i - Doosan Lathe)

    I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has been caught out by this.
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    RFQ Ø140mm Cylinder end / Clevis

    RFQ closed. I have gotten some good feedback that I won't get anywhere near my target price to make this work. I'll just have to keep welding and post machining for now and look into forgings/casting down the road. Thanks all.
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    RFQ Ø140mm Cylinder end / Clevis

    Pretty close. 156mm. Thanks for the feedback.
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    RFQ Ø140mm Cylinder end / Clevis

    Currently a 1/2" weld on it so yeah it can have a 1/2" radius or chamfer.
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    RFQ Ø140mm Cylinder end / Clevis

    We're currently welding these and machining afterwards. Would much prefer to buy something machined from solid. 30pcs/month. We could buy 60/120pcs at a time. Cylinder end is Ø140mm +-1. so I believe 5.5" bar would work. Material 1018/1045 or something similar. Hole is 2" +.005. 2 tapped holes...
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    Drilling a Diameter 0.1mm Hole

    Milland mentioned this solution above. https://www.okcc.com/PDF/Metric%20MD-2-web.pdf We use grub screws with small holes drilled(home made) to save us having to drill small diameter holes in valve blocks. If you get a bad one or it gets blocked it can be swapped out.
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    help with G71 roughing cycle

    Are you still programming a move to Z-.422 after the Z-1.6 line? AS mentioned above this will give an error. Is it supposed to be Z-2.022? Z-1.6 X2.2835 Z-.422