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    Hendey Apron Assembly Help Needed

    No, nothing added that I have found... I have discovered some strange things stuffed inside lathe aprons before... the first Hendey Tie Bar that I refurbished had maybe a couple of feet of plastic tubing cut into 2 inch pieces in the apron when I took it apart... -Bear
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    Hendey Apron Assembly Help Needed

    No, it's way too small to be one of those... they measure .250"... It's possible that it doesn't belong... just a piece of flotsam that made it's way in sometime in the last few decades... not likely, but possible. It would almost have to be part of the oiling system... too small to be a...
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    Hendey Apron Assembly Help Needed

    I'm working on a 1944 Hendey 12x30 12 speed gearhead lathe. I've disassembled the apron to clean the oil pump and oiling system, carefully noting where and how everything goes in. As I was disassembling it, I was carefully watching to make sure no parts fell out unnoticed. Apparently, I wasn't...
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    FS: Hendey 9x18 Tool & Gage Makers Lathe

    I'm glad you sold it... now I can quit agonizing over whether I should buy it... -Bear
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    FS - Spanners for long nose taper spindles

    I ordered an L-1 spanner from Walter... it arrived Saturday. Very nice... and at a good price, too... Thanks, Walter! -Bear
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    Hendey tie bar lathe serial number

    It will be on top near the two flathead screws that hold the lead screw support... This is the serial number on my 14x8... Sometimes they are stamped fairly light... you may have to do some cleaning to find it... This is the number on my 12x5... if you look closely, it has a 'flaming...
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    Finding a new home for Jeff's machines and tools

    I seriously doubt they will fit... there are likely very few parts that will interchange between a 14" and 16". -Bear
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    Need help removing Hendey spindle

    Collar A is the brass collar just behind the chuck on a lathe. Guard K would be the cover over the gear at the outboard end of the spindle. Collar L is the gear retaining collar at the outboard end of the spindle. Collar E is the collar at the small end of the cone pulley between the spindle...
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    Finding a new home for Jeff's machines and tools

    I doubt that a taper attachment from a 14" lathe would fit a 16"... there is a significant difference in size on all parts between a 12" and 14". I would think there would be the same size difference between the 14" and 16". There was someone parting out a 16" on ebay a while back... if he is...
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    Finding a new home for Jeff's machines and tools

    I purchased the Hendey lathe in October '21... it is currently being refurbished. -Bear
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    Dalton B4 Lot 5 lathe followed me home

    Wow, Jeff, I think you are the only person I know who's 'average machine age' is older than mine... Any idea on the age of that Dalton? It's pretty cool, anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished... -Bear
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    Die Filers

    The ones on ebay are grossly overpriced... I bought 2 Illinois die filers and an Ideal Duplex filer for $60 ea from a seller in Youngstown, Ohio a couple of years ago. The Illinois filers are heavy, stout machines that work well, but it is a bit 'fiddly' to change the files and get them...
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    Solvent for Parts Washer

    I use the parts cleaner from Tractor Supply also... my understanding is that it is basically kerosene with an additive to raise the flashpoint. I have actually tried to get a small quantity to ignite... unsuccessfully... it was a 'well used' sample, so the oils and other substances that was...
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    Older Project Machines - Free

    I'm interested in the Cincinnatti mill... PM sent. Thanks!- Bear
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    Universal Tri Way HBM (3" spindle) for sale or will be scrapped

    Mark definately has the nicest shop I've ever seen... It's even more impressive in person... -Bear
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    14x6 Hendey Tiebar. A Ghost From My Past.

    Yeah... purple may be the LAST color I would paint a lathe... Anything but purple... :D -Bear
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    14x6 Hendey Tiebar. A Ghost From My Past.

    And a few more... -Bear
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    14x6 Hendey Tiebar. A Ghost From My Past.

    More pics as requested... -Bear
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    14x6 Hendey Tiebar. A Ghost From My Past.

    Paint colors frustrate me... I went looking for a medium-dark blue-gray... I picked out a swatch that was very close to what I was looking for, had it mixed, and took it home. It's not the same color as the swatch... In sunlight, it has a definate purple hue... under flourescent light, it is a...