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    9a Apron Clean and New Wick ??

    Got it done. Of course, the ILION guide was a great help.
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    9a Apron Clean and New Wick ??

    I think I figured out question # 1. The metal cover plate over the worm gear and clutch gear pretty much keeps it from moving fore and aft. Thanks, animal 12.
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    9a Apron Clean and New Wick ??

    Got my apron off the 9a in order to clean and add new felt wick for the clutch and worm gear. I guess I need to take the worm gear off first and then the clutch. I have the ILION guide, and the felt kit. Question #1: I notice that the star wheel clutch shaft has about 1/8" play (fore and aft)...
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    Shipping cost of way oil

    You might want to try EEZ Products. I have purchased mine through KBC Tools and machinery, and the shipping has been reasonable. You can also buy direct from EEZ which I may do next time.
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    Inquiry on year of serial # 11549KAX2. Gap bed 10k?? Model # CL670RG. Any other info would be appreciated.
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    South Bend Lathe

    For more info on your lathe, ask on this thread on PM: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/serial-numbers-wanted.128483/
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    South Bend model B 9" New to Me

    For a date on the lathe, try this link on this site. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/serial-numbers-wanted.128483/ My 9a has an Mt 2 for live center, likely the same as yours. See Tubalcain You Tube videos for lubrication.
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    South Bend Serial and Manuals

    Regarding the lathe serial #, you may want to try this thread: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/serial-numbers-wanted.128483/
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    joining the 9A brotherhood

    I went ahead yesterday and replaced the spindle felts. Much to my pleasant surprise, the bearings (C.I.) and the spindle were in excellent condition from what I could tell. Thanks, Jan for the extra push I needed to proceed. I did not want to because it was running fine with no heating of the...
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    Leveling the bed on my south bend model 9A

    Now that is funny :D. I'll have to remember that one.
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    New (to me) SB 9A that needs some attention... (Advice needed)

    Do you have the SB publication titled Oiling the Lathe? It does show suction for removing oil from the reservoirs. The publication can likely be found on the Vintage Machinery site. Lots of additional info that you will find helpful in the publication. By the way, great relationship you...
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    joining the 9A brotherhood

    I did not braze it in. There are many ways of doing this which I found searching this forum and another. The way I did it may not be the right way; but, it appears to be working okay. How long it will last is a mystery to me. In any event, I ended up setting up the backgear in the mill vise on...
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    joining the 9A brotherhood

    Welcome to the "brotherhood". I recently bought a 9A also. This older machinery holds a special kind of magic for me. Mine had a missing tooth on the small backgear. Repaired it with brass, and it seems to work well. I also bought the ILION book and felts; however, the only felt I replaced is...
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    Serial Numbers Wanted

    Mine is SB9A, serial number 113591 with the initials J.F.P., below the serial number. CL# 544-R. Spindle V pulley. Has a ".. War Production Board" tag. Cast iron legs, one of which has "No. 1" stenciled on it. Appears it may have been made in 1942.