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    Best cutters for titanium Ti6Al4V ELI

    Just remember, Ti is not the same as Ti6Al-4V. Titanium is fairly easy to cut, while Ti-Al with that smidge of vanadium is a different beast. Much more difficult to machine, and deceptive. I was given some of this stuff once to turn, and the program I used was for steel with carbide inserts...
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    Boring bar or reamer?

    Location is +/- .010, hole sizes range from .375 to .687 with the +/-.0005. Thanks for your thoughts - what I have been doing when I have to change the insert on the boring bar is use scrap of the same mat'l to bore a test hole, then go to the blank once I 've got it where I want it. Yeah, I...
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    Boring bar or reamer?

    The shop I work for bores a lot of holes in aluminum and titanium. They do use reamers sometimes, but I notice that the holes requiring +/- .0005 always get the boring bar in the CNC mills. These boring bars are touchy and innacurate, producing many rejects, but management insists upon using...
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    Advice on horizontal machining of a long part

    What comes to mind is to use some adjustable stands to support the piece as it hangs off the ends of your mill. Make sure the vises are at the same level - run an indicator over the floor of the vises to see if they are within say .001" of each other. Then when you hammer this die down, check it...
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    Net-Inspect for Boeing parts.

    "Did you get an email telling you to falsify data???" (from steve45) Ha ha! No, this was my lead for the particular department,who told me face to face this little gem of advice. My boss is the general manager of production.
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    Net-Inspect for Boeing parts.

    Yeah, I did not put false data, instead I made the parts to spec and entered the correct data. The particular instance was that a part had a +/- of .010 on the drawing, but the Net-Inspect requirement for that thickness was +/- .005. So, I suppose his logic was that if it was in spec for the...
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    Manditory Overtime - Shop management question.

    You are lucky to be on this side of the manufacturing roller coaster - instead of not having enough work to employ your crew! Maybe take a good look at the reason you decided to go salary rather than hourly for your guys. Short of restructuring how you pay your employees, if your guys agreed...
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    Net-Inspect for Boeing parts.

    I have been with this company for about three months now, and it feels like culture shock. When manufacturing took a nosedive in the NW, I spent some time learning new ways to support myself, and now it's picked back up. So i am back at it - cnc machining. The culture shock part is that I have...
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    Stupid things done in a machine shop.

    She looks cool. Link JustBritish » Blog Archive - Champion Driver Donna Mae Mims Dies
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    Speroni tool presetter tsp 46

    I wondered about selecting the wrong profile. It is not good if it can so easily be vibrated out of cal by the machines it is supposed to support. The boss is trying to figure out how to safeguard this, and how many tools may have been cal'ed wrong, and should we recheck all done that day. I am...
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    Speroni tool presetter tsp 46

    So, I am learning how to use a speroni tool presetter for my new job. While I was in instruction, someone came in and said that the speroni had measured .030 WRONG for a tool he had set earlier. My instructor had noticed that the tool adapter axis was in the wrong angle of rotation, and so he...
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    Stupid things done in a machine shop.

    Okay, I've done some dumb stuff, and seen some dumb stuff. We do well to tell of these escapades, as hopefully someone will read it and NOT do that. My dumbest would be the day I looked at my boss's new Haas, and decided it was a great big press as well as being a mill. I happily loaded the pin...
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    nasty stuff that you have machined

    I've done inconel. monel. some of the plastics mentioned, titanium, but I have recently met 6AL-4V titanium. This stuff warped up in a bow like an upside down U when I removed a .005 skin on a .187 thick annealed 5X4 blank. Boss insisted on running it in a vise, rather than clamp it and mow down...
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    I saw a post you wrote to moonlight machine about a problem he was having running a pretty huge...

    I saw a post you wrote to moonlight machine about a problem he was having running a pretty huge WOC and DOC. You worked out the required HP for this, may I ask that you show me how you compute HP? I have not used this message sytem before, so I may not even be using it right. I am citizen_snips...
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    Drawing interpretation

    Forestgnome, I would be nervous when the tolerances are given in one drawing as inches, and the next in mm. I would call the customer.
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    Kennametal making inserts in CHINA now

    Hayzus!!!!! I have had experience with carbide endmills, and if we went from running coolant on them to running dry, we lost the teeth. But, I think if you can keep carbide away from coolant, you can do stuff like this. I gotta say tho that if my one boss saw me throwing sparks like that, he...
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    F-2.52 Finish - Anyone know what this is?

    Mickey, it looks like it may be a callout for a surface roughness having something to do with 2.52 mm. I am used to seeing callouts as RMS or such, but if it is metric, this link might help. It has a phone number and a couple of pages in it refers to 2.52 mm as a reference. Maybe they can help -...
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    Damage to mill table - need advice

    Most of the machines I have used in my career have some damage like this. It is rarely repaired. One thing I might suggest is to take a nice big table stone ( I have one that is about five inches dia round with a sort of grip groove around the cylindrical side) and gently glide over that table...
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    Alittle advice on some aluminum slotting

    If I recall correctly, 6061 is quite "gummy" and trying to use a full diameter tool to accomplish the cut quickly may not be the answer. The guys above suggesting a smaller tool to start, then a cleanup with the full size - I agree. I would use a pocket command (sorry - been awhile since I...
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    Manual chuck key

    OH! Yes, lathe chuck key. Sorry, duh. I haven't had problems with that type of chuck key, and I haven't had to put a cheater bar on the ones I have used. Excuse my rant above.