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    Purchasing CNC Business - Specific Industry Questions

    I don't consider myself a naysayer, but I'm also not naiive enough to think that buying a small manufacturing business will automatically become a goldmine. You are asking great questions, which will help set you up for success. We have had profit sharing in place for 25 years, but honestly, our...
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    Purchasing CNC Business - Specific Industry Questions

    Look for examples of business sales, similar to what you are describing, that have worked for 5 years, and the top level employees are still there. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that you won't find any. The ones that seem to work are sale to the key employees (people stay and so do...
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    Welcome to the new Fadal forum !

    Thanks for creating the sub-forum. Hopefully we can get some of the brighter minds on the Facebook group to head over here and contribute.
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    OT: when following customer directive will cause damage; forklift places 1 ton bag of sand on roof of Ford Focus.

    I guy recently bought a used cushion tire (hard / slick tires) Toyota lift truck from our shop - the capacity tag showed a lift truck weight of approx 8,600lbs. His buddy showed up with a 3/4 ton pickup pulling a light duty car trailer (2 x 3,500lb axles), complete with ramps made of 1" x 1" x...
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    6x6 Caterpillar rolling chassis

    Thanks - I learned something.
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    6x6 Caterpillar rolling chassis

    Are you taking a redi-mix delivery truck? Seems weird that it would have a single steer axle and the CAT at the back pushing? All the larger mixers up here have the motor up front, the barrel on the back, and double steer axles with the 2nd one set well back. With the barrel in the front, I...
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    OT:- Its New Year, whos for losing some weight?

    Thanks all for the motivation. I've gained 30lbs over the last year being less active and this thread is the kick in the ass I need to get moving again.
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    Are there to many 1 man shops for young folks to compete?

    I think the question you have to answer for yourself is: Do you want to start a business, or do you want to be a self-employed machinist? Don't sell your house, it's your fastest growing asset. Be really cautious about borrowing large amounts of money against it. There's lots of good advice in...
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    Toyota Forklift Propane Problem

    If it's coolant related, the vaporizer will be frosty, or at least super cold to the touch.
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    Toyota Forklift Propane Problem

    Might sound stupid, but check the engine oil level / oil level sender. On some LPG systems, power to the LPG solenoid flows through the oil level switch. If the level is right on the edge of too low, it might start, but shut off as soon as the oil pump draws oil out of the sump?
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    O/Tool discovery: the track saw

    Our Festool track is 6 years old, and the rubber is still in good shape. As far as I know, our guys use clamps on every cut.
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    Lost Parameters 1991 Fadal 4020

    If starting the machine with the E-Stop pushed in doesn't make the scrolling stop, then what Triumph406 said. Replace the battery. Jump across the J2 jumper on the CPU board (you may have to remove the expansion memory board to find it), then start the machine. The scrolling should be stopped...
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    O/Tool discovery: the track saw

    Yes. We do architectural woodwork and regularly field under-cut $1,000 door slabs that we've factory finished with a track saw. We'd much rather trim them to final length on a CNC router (using a comination of RH and LH compression bits from both ends of the cut line) at the same time we're...
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    Buying the shop I work for

    It does sound like the opportunity has potential - congrats on earning the owner's respect. Price... Understand the valuation metrics before you start taking valuation advice on the web... mine included. A $2MM/yr contract manufacturing business making 10% profit (using the EBITDA, or earnings...
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    Cylinder Head Work Port and Polish

    Huh? So nobody who helps others on this forum is any good at their trade?
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    Single phase 120v from 208 compressor circuit.

    I like the direction you're headed. Just a thought - we did similar and set up our auto-drain with a normally open valve. When the air drier is energized (120V single phase) it closes the valve and the tank fills. When we shut the compressor off at night (we have low voltage switches at each...
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    Best wire cutter/diagonal cutter for springs..............

    Can anyone comment if the comfort grip handles feel / perform better than the same item with dipped grips sold as Knipex part # 73 71 180?
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    Ineed a larger dust collector. How large is too large

    Be careful with air balance, if you suck air out of the shop and dump it outside, you can end up back-drafting your exhaust vents on your heating system and drawing the carbon monoxide into the shop. Then again, if you return the filtered dust collection air back into the shop, you may have some...
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    Adhesive for melamine to particle baord?

    I agree that melamine will be nice and flat, and it will allow you to be making parts just that much faster. You won't get laminated plywood panels to lay as flat - we have a 200ton laminating press, and in my experience MDF or high density particleboard is always flatter in the end. Plywood has...
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    Adhesive for melamine to particle baord?

    Titebond makes a decent melamine glue (4014)that's available retail, or get ROO Glue at a wholsale sheetgoods distributor - I beleive ROO was the original product in this category. Make sure to clean up any squeeze out before it dries - the glue will take away chunks of material with it when you...