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  1. J

    Very close to buying my first printer

    Thanks for the info...I appreciate it! For me, running multiple rolls of the same filament in the AMS is a huge selling point...that and the speed of the printer. I have a stack of nearly gone rolls from using my Prusa. It would be great to have an AMS to solve that.
  2. J

    Very close to buying my first printer

    BarnFab, Have you seen any issues with the beds warping on your Bambu printers? There appears to be a design flaw and heat-cycles cause the bed to warp...at least what I've read on Bambu's forum: https://forum.bambulab.com/t/warped-bed-seems-like-a-common-qc-issue/4313
  3. J

    Anybody Here Buy the K&T #5 Vertical from OSU Surplus Today?

    I named my forklift Billy Baroo...everytime I'm moving something really heavy / sketchy, I say to myself "Oh Billy, Billy, Billy"!
  4. J

    Utility of G53?

    If you're using a Haas, G53 saves a bit of code.
  5. J

    Two FREE Mazak M4 lathes

    Not affiliated...just ran across it on ebay and passing it on...
  6. J

    93 haas vf2 retrofit?!

    I've had good luck converting both a Milltronics VKM3 CNC knee mill and a Bridgeport/ROMI EZ Path S CNC lathe to Centroid controls. Both machines already had Yaskawa Sigma AC servos and drives, so it was pretty simple. I used their OAK boards for both machines. You might want to dig around in...
  7. J

    Sigma 5 Rotary (Sept 2021 and older) on an early 2021 Machine - 3 conflicting articles from Haas

    I would guess your machine has the Sigma 7 motors, but maybe you could find the data plate on the Z axis servo motor to get the model number. That should let you know.
  8. J

    Mazak SQT-15M nearly free to a good home

    Where is this located?
  9. J

    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    For those with the classic control, it's parameter 861 (AX LUBE TIME INTRVL) that needs to be changed. The original value is 480 minutes (8 hours) and the new value should be 180 minutes (3 hours).
  10. J

    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    Like RCS Machine, I'm a little annoyed that I just did the conversion from the purple stuff to the tan this summer. Now I'm annoyed that the oil lube conversion instructions for the conversion on a classic haas control machine (CHC) appear to be incorrect. According to the Haas instructions...
  11. J

    Advice wanted for an apprentice beginning his tool collection

    The only thing I can offer is spend a little extra on the hand tools you use more frequently. You'll be glad you spent the extra $$ on that Snap-On wrench or Knipex pliers decades later.
  12. J

    Camworks (SolidWorks CAM) tool break check?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to either work with my VAR or dig into the PP with CamWorks UPG-2 / EC Edit software. For now, I can just manually editing posts and add the single G65 line to check the tool: G65 P9613 T__ H__
  13. J

    Camworks (SolidWorks CAM) tool break check?

    I'd rather ask here...maybe learn the best way to do it. I hate my VAR...they are idiots when it comes to CAM.
  14. J

    Camworks (SolidWorks CAM) tool break check?

    I have a seat of SolidWorks and have been looking into using SolidWorks CAM (CamWorks) as an alternative to HSMWorks/Fusion360. I am trying to figure out how to do a tool break check with our tool setting probe on our Haas. In HSMWorks, it is a simple check-box in the specific tool setup...
  15. J

    Setting up Harig SG with VFD - Useful RPM range???

    Thanks for the info fellas. I'll do as you suggested as I plan on using a diamond wheel from time to time.
  16. J

    Setting up Harig SG with VFD - Useful RPM range???

    I'm setting up my Harig 612 surface grinder with a VFD. I've already set the VFD to ramp up/down slowly (prevent shifting the wheel), but I've heard it is advantageous to have some control over the RPM of the wheel (works like increasing / decreasing the wheel hardness?). What is the useful...
  17. J

    Haas tl-1 screen sizes

    You might want to stay away from any Haas machine with the old Cold-fire I control as they are no longer supported (they can be identified by having a physical spindle load meter). The 2005 would definitely have the old processor...not sure on the 2007. Of course, you could roll the dice and...
  18. J

    How's your Solidworks maintenance costs these days?

    OK, I have a stupid question. I have SolidWorks and my annual "maintenance" is due by the end of next month and I need to make a decision to either pay or sit tight for a few years. I am running 2021 SP5.1 even though the latest SW is 2022 SP2.0. I've found the last service pack (typically...
  19. J

    Moving VMC with skates- Preferred methods?

    I once had to move a 8000# machine across a very poor floor (thick, uneven and chipped epoxy paint). I made 3' long "tracks" out of heavy angle iron for each skate. I had to toe-jack and position the tracks several times, but I was able to push the machine by myself into position.
  20. J

    Setting Hitachi WJ200 to display RPM instead of Hz as the default

    Thanks mksj! I totally missed that in the manual...I set b038 to 007 and all is well! You're right about the documentation. Their drives are great, but the manual is terrible.